Tips to be safe from Coronavirus and appearing for GD/PI

What started as a not so dangerous virus in Wuhan city of China, Coronavirus today has spread to more than ten countries. In China alone, the virus has affected more than 75,000 people. Globally, this curable but dangerous disease has spread to over 1,70,000 people and killed more than 4,500 people. Many countries have implemented full restrictions over travelling. 

Every industry is immensely affected due to this fast-spreading virus; the same is with education industries. Many schools in China, India and other countries have already terminated classes. Moreover, business schools globally have cancelled student’s immersion trips to China.

Similarly, Indian students are facing restrictions in seeking admission in B-Schools. When we talk about the admission process, we mean the GD/PI process, which is an important step to seek admission. 

In GD/PI, students need to appear before the authority and with a group of students. You may not be carrying the virus, but others may. So in the age of technology, it is best to go virtual. Many B-Schools are offering virtual GD/PI process helping students to connect with students. This is one of the safety precautions both students and authorities can take up. 

Here are a few steps you can take while appearing for GD/PI during the application process of B-Schools

Check out Internet Connection-

Since you will have a long conversation with the authorities in GD/PI, it is best to check the internet connectivity. Regular interruption of the internet can bring down the chance of taking things forward. Interviewers may have negative views of your preparation. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you do a double-check.

Take Precaution-

If you are attending GD/PI offline, then take complete precautions like wearing a mask, carrying sanitizer and avoid communication with people for long. If you show any symptoms like cold, cough or headache avoid attending GD/PI offline or even online. You can take rest and seek permission to postpone your session. Read online about the precautions you need to take during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Be in Secluded Room-

If you are attending GD/PI online, then the best is to find a room where you will get functional Wi-Fi connectivity and no disturbance. Having full concentration during the process can help you appear confident and answer questions as asked. So when you get the schedule, do prepare yourself well in advance.

Avoid Travelling to Crowded Places-

Since COVID-19 spreads mainly in crowded areas, it better to avoid travelling through a crowded place. You may not know who may carry the virus or any symptoms. So why take the risk. If the GD/PI is scheduled offline then take private transportation to reach before time and safely.

Final Words-

Since COVID-19 or Coronavirus is now a Pandemic, it becomes the responsibility of every citizen to precaution. Since the admission schedule is unavoidable for long; you can take up offline options and follow the above tips. This will help in having a safe environment and performing well in GD/PI to get admission in B- School of your choice.