IMS Ghaziabad’s GD-PI Rounds from Tomorrow; Check last-minute Tips, Date, Time of Venues

March is popularly known as the month of GD-PI amongst MBA students. While several B-schools are on the verge of completing the GD-PI process, many management institutes are gearing up to conduct the Group Discussion, Writing Ability Test and Interview rounds in different cities across the country Ghaziabad.

IMS Ghaziabad is known for its selectiveness when it comes to the second stage admission process of the PGDM programme.

The GD and PI rounds of the IMS Ghaziabad PGDM will begin on 14th March 2020. Check all upcoming GD-PI venues, dates, the last-minute tips for the GD-PI stage of the PGDM admission process.

IMS Ghaziabad PGDM Cities and Dates

1. Ghaziabad: 14th, 16th and 17th March 2020. Candidates opting Ghaziabad centre will have to report at G.T. Road, Lal Quan in Ghaziabad by 9:30 am.

Selected candidates will receive the exact venue details of other cities via email. The reporting time of all venues will be the same (from 9:30 am).

2. Kolkata: 18th March 2020

3. Patna and Bhubaneswar: 19th March 2020

4. Ranchi and Varanasi: 20th March 2020

5. Chandigarh and Dehradun: 21st March 2020

Last Minute GD-PI Tips for PGDM at IMS Ghaziabad

Both the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds of IMS Ghaziabad accounts for 25% of the total final selection weightage respectively. Incidentally, the weightage allocation for these two parameters is zenithal. Thus, it becomes extremely important that one gives his/her best performance to secure a seat in this B-School.

While you have been preparing for this very important day from the past few months, it is necessary to keep the following factors in mind while you are appearing for the second stage of PGDM admissions.

What do WAT, GD and PI rounds of IMS Ghaziabad tests?

WAT: The WAT round holds 10% of the cumulative weightage for the final selection of candidates. The institute will assign a random topic to the candidates. Applicants will then have to write a short essay on the issue. The institute allows 15 to 30 minutes for the entire process.

GD: Applicants are part of a casual group of candidates for the GD round. The GD tests communication skills, leadership skills, the ability of teamwork, problem-solving skills and general awareness. The matter of GD could be a business-related case study or general social issues.

PI: The final but most important round of any MBA admission process in the Personal Interview round. An interview mostly lasts for 25 to 35 minutes. The institute determines the candidate’s suitability for the management course of the institute. Ability to handle pressure, maintaining calm in uncomfortable situations, communication skills, logical reasoning and general awareness of the applicants are tested in the interview round.

GD Tips

  • While many people will advise you to eagerly start the GD, it is an irrational move unless you are completely sure of what you are going to speak.
  • There is no need to put forward your point aggressively. The GD round also tests the ability of a candidate to work in a team. Always try to be polite even if you are strongly opposing other candidates’ viewpoints.
  • Always wait for the other applicants to finish their arguments. It will be considered rude if you cut short someone’s argument.
  • Be confident and maintain eye contact with other members of your group.
  • If the topic is too impromptu for you, try to formulate an argument based on the other candidate’s views.
  • Try to conclude your arguments.

PI Tips

  • From the commencement of the interview round to the end, try to answer all the questions while donning a polite smile.
  • Do not let your body language reflect that you are nervous.
  • Interview panellists appreciate honesty. Even if you are unaware of the correct answer to a question, politely say “I do not know”.
  • Do not cook up stories to answer a question. The panellists have years of experience and it will reflect poorly upon your personality.
  • If you are unsure of an answer, ask for a minute or two to compose your answer.

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