Things one should research before joining a B-school

The D-day has gone by, but does the race end here? Now there are many questions going on in your mind as MBA aspirant – Which B-school should I choose? Is it worth joining this college? How should I decide among all these prestigious institutes? Does City where institute is located really matter? so on and so forth. A small attempt is made to help you selecting “Dream B-school”.

First and foremost, how frequently the curriculum of the courses offered by the institute getting updated. The curriculum should be according to the latest industry standards. The profile of faculty members, their Research and Consultancy areas. The faculty are the ones who will shape your future and you deserve the best.

The next factor is the companies visiting and kind of profiles they offer to their students. The placement packages while considering the college for admissions could be secondary, preference at the start of the career could be to the company and the kind of profile one get. Exposure and location of the B-school will also be a driving factor in the placement season for these business schools. The networking via different events, inviting business leaders to campus, live projects, consultancy opportunities provides more avenues of experiential learning. On campus student committees are very useful for holistic development of a student. It helps in acquiring most of the management skills.

Grab the best B-school opportunities that are available at every turn. Have faith in your inner instincts and you will know what is best for you and choose accordingly. Institute plays a very important role in shaping your career.


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