The outbreak of the coronavirus has not only affected the lifestyles of people around the world, but it has also affected the businesses in all spheres. Due to the lockdown imposed in most of the countries around the globe to curb the fatal virus, businesses have suffered a lot.

The economy has seen a downfall, and the businesses have gone down the drain. Many people have lost their jobs, and a few more are on the verge of losing them. In this scenario, where people are struggling financially, taking away their jobs or shutting down their businesses have added to their financial distress.

As an outcome of the crisis, many people are thinking about changing their careers and are looking for new sectors to work in. Therefore, according to the CJBS Visiting fellow Hamza Mudassir, the pursuit of MBA will be a great alternative to choose from for the post-corona period.

Genesis of MBA for post-corona period

Regardless of the negativity in the atmosphere around the economy, Hamza is optimistic that the pursuit of an MBA will be beneficial to have better job opportunities after the corona is contained.

He says that even though the hospitality and travel sectors are shrinking because of the effect of the coronavirus, but it is a temporary hit, and the services will recover from this once the coronavirus is curbed.

He predicts that there the sector that will experience long-term growth and a rise in opportunities once the pandemic is controlled is the digital transformation.

He feels that most of the countries in the world are functioning on the structures that are two or three decades old and thus the companies that provide digital transformation are going to be the ones that will give out outstanding opportunities for both employment and growth.

Digital transformation serving consulting firms are going to experience a spike in demand, which will provide job opportunities for young people coming from a computer science or business background like MBAs.

He foresees that the government will hire the digital-savvy MBAs and more and more programmers to help them transform the structure of the institutions. More opportunities will make ways in sectors like virtual working, learning and socializing space.

Will an MBA make out stand out of the crowd in the job market?

The possession of the required skillset of knowing how to manage the business models digitally and the in-depth knowledge about the business from finance to accounting will help you in achieving an extraordinary job post the corona period.

You might even get a chance to try out your skills while pursuing an MBA if you are a part of the Global Consulting Project (GCP). The Global Consulting Project is basically the pinnacle of all the main MBA courses, and it allows the students to work with a host organization while they are pursuing their MBA.

To help the companies digitalize after the corona crisis, the knowledge of modules like digital transformation, digital strategy and disruptive business models will be of utmost importance to make them distinguish themselves from the crowd in the job market.

Apart from that, the students should also be able to understand how the artificial intelligence, deep learning and data science affect the businesses, which will prepare them better to work in the industries in the future.

How an MBA transmogrifies you?  

 MBA can certainly be a huge step in switching your careers and can help you achieve the horizons that you would have otherwise not even considered. For instance, Alexandra Jorge started her career as an architect working in project management. After the completion of her MBA, she became a digital consultant who consults the startups and the businesses going through the digital transformation.

The opportunity of being in a classroom with the students from diverse backgrounds opened up her perspective and provided her with a network spanning global industry that she thrives in.

She says that after completing your MBA, you move on from a particular specialization to a point where you are able to decode each and every mechanism that makes up a business. And when you have such great knowledge and skillset, you risk going out of your comfort zone to take on the opportunity that you might not have considered before.

An MBA helps you shift to a world of entrepreneurship and technology, which is something that is always growing and is absolutely essential as the businesses cope with the digital economy. An MBA instils in you the skills that are important to take over the complexities that are inherent in the digital transformation.

While acquiring the skills that are necessary to guide business, it is also important to learn to manage the agility and creativity in business and to be able to manage the teams that are diverse. Since everything that we see around us is a gift of technology, so the ability and the mentality to adapt a skill is an invaluable gift to keep pace with the fast-growing world.

Thus, the pursuit of MBA not only opens up new job opportunities for you, but it also helps you transform yourself and take up the opportunities that you would not have looked at before.

The skills that one gets to acquire through an MBA can make a person stand out in the job market and have better opportunities as compared to the others. You not only get to be a part of the digital transformation, but you can also combine your previous academic knowledge to come up with better solutions.

The diversity can help you manage the team well while giving you an insight into how to manage a business well. Therefore, an MBA can, for sure, prove to be a factor of change in your life.

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