The number 25

Quite strange how a 2 digit number can impart wisdom on a person suddenly. When I turned 25 last month it felt different. It hit me so badly that it changed me totally. My perception towards life changed. I had a dream to get into a good MBA college like any other graduate who is done working at an MNC and I was one of them. I saw that dream getting crushed on 14th Jan 2013. My cat result was out and I had nowhere(except a job I realized now how imp it is to me) to go but I felt a little relaxed after seeing my percentile as I dint think I even deserved to score that much. And it din’t take a toll on me and I was surprised width this. Why why had it happened that m so calm. 1 year older than 2013 would do wonders in my thinking who might have thought that..A girl who used to take tension of every small thing irrespective of the nature of problem whether it was getting into a good college after 12th or bf prob or scoring good at college or getting a job after college and after getting into a job worrying bot PG and then when I realized its time to drift my mind from career to my personal life I started taking tension of marriage(will I ever get a good guy?).Turning 25 made me realize how life will going to change after 2 years when my real struggle would start when i will marry and have kids. Turning 25 forced me find happiness in small things in life. I enjoyed the weather the music and all the things around me I never thought would have mattered. Suddenly I realized getting paranoid for everything would waste next 2 years of my single hood. I wasted precious 6 years of my life not anymore.. I live everyday now as it comes. Just a message through this article is that keep praying, work towards your goal and just don’t stop enjoying. And with a cosmopolitan in my hand I welcome 25th year of my life..:)