Failure. Success. This is about the in-between.

So you failed.

You failed- An MBA examination. An office project. Or may be a love affair.

So what now? Friends will tell you to take a ‘break’ ( Do NOT touch books for a month/Do NOT take any responsibility at office for a while/take it to the almighty ‘God of everything’-‘BEER'(If you’re a guy) or talk to your friends about how he broke your heart and how you deserved someone BETTER (If you’re a girl) sort of ‘Break’.You get the idea.).

Here is the brutal little truth of life that they will not tell you- Don’t. Don’t take the so called ‘break’. Don’t give yourself enough time to curse yourself. Don’t take the break to wonder if you really are meant for an MBA/A project/A true love. Don’t judge yourself for what you haven’t been able to do. There are plenty of people out there to do that for you(And I mean plenty!).

Instead here is an advise no one will give you:

YOU were right – When YOU took that decision.When YOU weighed the perks against the risks you took.When YOU chose in what you could risk failing in. When everybody around you was just moving along with life as it was, YOU chose differently. YOU chose to make it larger. YOU chose to fight. YOU were right.

Something went wrong. Some things didn’t work out. May be it was luck. Or may be your best wasn’t enough. You need to improve, in whatever sense possible to succeed- emotionally, physically, psychologically. Whatever it is. Take this time to find out what you lack. And overcome it.

So, my friend, in whatever corner of whichever city, at whatsoever number of cubicle you are sitting reading this; Don’t take the ‘much-needed-break’. Take this time to check your path, and the nature of it. If YOU think it is what YOU want/need out of life, take it to the goalpost.

Your one failure doesn’t define you, But your one success will-

“Lamho ne khataa ki thi, sadiyo ko kyu sazaa du…”