The Magician ( Part VI )

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Since then the magician had locked himself in that old villa and the apparition of the boy came everyday without realising that he was not a mortal form. Both of them enjoyed each other’s company. The magician was smitten by the kid’s innocence and his childish and pristine love story. His nature was so different from the selfish magician. The kid on the other hand was inspired and impressed by the magician’s sheer talent, oblivious of the fact that he was interacting with his murderer. The magician was perplexed and didn’t know how the kid would take the horrible truth of his death and hence he never told him. He wanted redemption for the sin he had committed and took it in his stride to entertain the kid everyday. After sometime, the magician realised that everytime he interacted with the kid, a part of his life would get lost; his life was ending slowly everyday. One day it struck to him, what would happen to the kid after his death? He would die soon due to regular interactions with the spectre of the kid. He needed to do something and hence started his necromancy studies again in that room which remained locked. He wished to give back what he had taken: a life. The magician spent months in that old villa. He would try his magic at night in the room and lock the room during the day to avoid the zealous kid going inside. He prepared potions, learnt spells to bring back life but never succeeded. He never told the kid anything about all this. Then one fine day, as suggested by the kid himself, it struck him he was missing a crucial element. He had the soul of the kid, the dead body of the kid but missed 21 grams of life..!! He needed a life to infuse the kid’s spectre to the body.

And so he decided, to give his meaningless life for the boy to live.”

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