The Magician ( Part V )

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‘What have I done ? ‘ thought the magician. He quickly unwrapped the blood stained cloth but it was too late. The boy was dead, the sword piercing right through his heart. The trick had gone wrong costing the little kid his life.

The villagers were very angry. Charged with suspicion that he was the devil incarnate, they ran towards him with flame torches in their hands. The magician ran as far as he can up the hill till he found an old house. He hid himself inside it. The villagers threw the flame torches inside the old mansion but nobody dared come inside. They all believed that ghosts wandered at night in that house.

Afraid and filled with guilt he cried and cried a lot. It was all his mistake. He was blinded by vanity and narcissism. He asked the God for forgiveness. He spent the whole night weeping. He decided to remain in the old mansion for sometime so as to escape the wrath of the villagers. But something strange happened the next day. At noon, the door of the old house opened and a kid came running inside the house. The magician was stupefied. He was the same kid who came to the magician for his last trick.

“Where did you go last night after the show? I looked for you everywhere. Do you live here, nice house, it’s old, but big, will you teach me magic now?”

The magician was speechless and shocked in horror. He thought he was having a nightmare. But no, everything was happening for real. The kid was jumping and hopping all around the house. ‘Has my trick worked ? The kid is not dead,’ thought the magician. He ran to the village to let the people know that his trick was successful. As he crossed the place, where the show held, he saw the stage destroyed and burnt by the villagers. He passed by the stage and to his horror, there was a burnt body lying there, the burnt dead body of the kid. ‘What is happening with me today?’ It took him a while to realize that it was the apparition of the kid that came at the mansion and the ghost was unaware of the events of the last night. The kid believed himself to be alive. Fear and guilt gripped the magician again. He took the body and returned to the mansion. He placed the dead body in a room and vowed to bring back the kid to life. It would be his ultimate magic trick.

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