The Magician ( Part VII )

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The kid was motionless listening all this.

The magician continued, “I hope now you have all your answers, why nobody pays attention to you not even that girl in the orphanage, why everybody thinks that this house is haunted, why I never allowed you to stay at night. But the good thing is now you are like everybody else. What you experienced just now before fainting was my spell to metamorphose my life into you. I don’t know what’s the connection between me and you. Why your soul found me at this old mansion? Why I could interact with your soul and now you are able to interact with mine? I don’t have the answers.”

The kid realised the eeriness of the strange situation. He was not able to absorb this horrible truth.

“Why did you do all this? You could have left the village and continued your sorcery. Nobody will know about your sacrifice. Who will believe me when I tell this story?” asked the boy after some time.

“To redeem myself, and you don’t need to tell anyone about this. I didn’t die. I will live in you. I have taught you everything I could about magic. You are my legacy. You are my greatest trick. You wanted to become a magician, Congrats, you are the greatest living magician now, even better than me. It is time for me to move into the realm of the unknown but remember, I shall always be there for you.”

With that, the magician turned into a puff of smoke and vanished.

“Wait, what is your name? I never asked. What shall I call you ?” asked the kid.

“You can call me the narrator, storyteller, raconteur, your best friend, your guardian angel or simply the MAGICIAN..!!”