The Magician ( Part IV )

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One day he visited a nearby village for a show. A large crowd gathered to see what they had heard so far about the sheer sorcery. One after another he performed several tricks. The clamour grew louder as he slid on the stage from one point to another, disappearing and appearing again. The applause of the audience filled his pride and in a moment of hubris, he shouted, “I shall show you something you have never seen or heard before. I will fuse life into a dead body. I shall reverse the flow of time. I shall prove you that I am the Almighty. Come anyone who believes in me, who is not afraid of death and who wants to feel how it feels to be dead.” He claimed he would put a blade across the body and tear it in two pieces, thereby killing the person and then bring him back to life. Everyone thought it was too risky to play with the unknown and nobody dared. The magician looked at everybody’s blank face and roared in laughter, “Are you all cowards? Is there nobody brave enough?”

To everybody’s amazement, one kid got up and came to the stage. He came forward with an exuberant smile and offered himself for the trick. The magician was aghast at his behaviour.

“Where are your parents?” asked the magician.

“Ï don’t have. I live in an orphanage”, replied the kid.

“Any friends ?”

“No. Nobody talks to me”

“Äre you not afraid of this?”

“No. I wish to be like you one day”


“Because there is a girl I love, and she likes magic. Will you teach me magic?”

“We will see”

The magician had no intention of letting his secrets known to anybody. All he cared was gaining name and fame. He covered the boy in a golden cloth and drew his sword. He had never performed this trick before but his over-confidence told him he could do it.

Chanting his magical spells, he smashed the sword.

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