The Great Bhangra Show

When the general election 2014 was announced, one of the most trusted newspapers focused a special page for the election and named it “The Dance of Democracy”. The page contains stories about the big leaders of all political parties. Now when I read newspaper, I go on this page straight away escaping the sports page which has been my first preference on non- election days. The comments range from the biggest Bahu Smriti Irani to the most qualified bachelors duo NaRa. While one has accepted recently that he had faced the atrocity of marriage at the age of 17, the other one doesn’t want dynastic politics in India. I know you intelligent people must have figured it out which I am talking about, so I presume no further clarification. In the meanwhile I forget to mention the biggest common man. He is so common that his name coincides with 15 percent of the rural youth. Yes, Arvind is a very common name in the rural part of India. Due to him the word “common” has become the word of the year according to a report revealed by the Oxford University Press recently.

One day sitting in the library, my eyes were stuck on a beautiful girl sitting in front, but my mind was busy somewhere else. With the newspaper lying on the table, I realize that the headline “The dance of the democracy” is not suitable. It should be something like “The great Bhangra show”. Because, of all the Indian dances Bhangra is the most eventful. If we calculate the correlation coefficient between the two parameters “Bhangra” and “our political leader campaign programme”, it tends to 1.

Qualitatively, it can be explained as – to perform a Bhangra you need no steps to learn, just move your leg and hands coherently with frequent jumping in between and you are doing Bhangra. Similarly our leaders move from one rally to others with helicopters funded by adanis, cursing each other and staging “Dharnas” perform their Bhangra.

But despite so much energy and enthusiasm this dance doesn’t excite me as I always leave the CSH( Auditorium) when the Bhangra starts. Moreover I am not going to enjoy the Bhangra this year too as I have already made up my mind for “NOTA”.