ISRO Offers Great Job Opportunities in Space: Experts (Ann Devereaux)

ISRO Job Opportunities

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), headquartered in Bengaluru, is India’s space agency, which was established with the goal of making use of space technology for national development and scientific research. It is one of the most renowned organisations in India with several extraordinary achievements in its name.

However, it is common in India to hear that students want to pursue a career in the space domain by going abroad. It is popularly believed that there is a dearth of jobs in India when it comes to space technology and other associated fields. According to an American expert, however, the state-run Indian Space Research Organisation has some excellent job opportunities in this front, and young Indians do not need to venture out for the same.

ISRO has been diving into some new and exciting space expeditions, and thus there is ample space for young minds to contribute in space and astronomy. These remarks were made by Ann Devereaux, the spacecraft system engineering manager at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

The JPL, of which Ann Devereaux is an esteemed part, is a national research facility in America, with the goal of carrying out world-leading innovation, implementing effective programs in planetary exploration and space-based astronomy development. For this purpose, it has a total of 19 spacecraft and 10 other major instruments. It works as a part of America’s space agency NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, Caltech. All the missions in JPL are funded by the federal government.

At the UN General Assembly’s ‘World Space Week’ event, Ann Devereaux was invited to share her remarks about opportunities in the world of space technology. The World Space Week is observed every year between 4th to 10th October and marks two great events in space history – the launch of the first ever man-made earth satellite, Sputnik 1 (4th October 1957) and the historic singing of the Outer Space treaty (10th October 1967).

Ann encouraged school students, during her motivational talk, that they must definitely think about working at ISRO. NASA and ISRO will collaborate on several space and technology missions, which will be a benefiting factor for the people at large. She was all praises about the talent of Indian students when she brought to light Team Indus which is a space firm in Bengaluru.

The effort made by Team Indus to launch India’s first private satellite to the moon with the help of ISRO’s rocket was remarkable. She enlightened the crowd about how the team wanted to put a commercial rover on the moon while competing for the Google Lunar X Prize which is awarded for the most affordable access to the moon.

Ann, who is also the principal engineer for the lead flight segment of Mars 2020 mission, has been visiting India as a part of USA state department’s speakers’ programme. She has talked about the exploration in space and many other opportunities in the same field with various teachers’ groups, students and even start-ups.