The Evolution of Integrated Marketing Communication

For an organization to flourish effectively, it’s important that the products, services and benefits offered by it are portrayed effectively. This is possible through the process of conceiving and delivering a relevant message to the target audience through various mediums of communication. When a company delivers a consistent promotional message to its audience through different types of media, it is known as Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).

The communication strategies have gone through an evolution with respect to the technology & media used to deliver the message. Technology plays a major role in determining the route taken for an IMC plan. Over the years technologically advanced forms of media have made it possible for us to view a message on a palmtop or a phone instead of traditional media like T.V. and newspapers. In today’s digital age, it’s important to use advanced promotional tools to create a visible impact among the masses.

Mobile marketing or social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, etc. are a popular and essential part of modern IMC strategies. However, different age groups cannot be targeted through only modern media. Hence, a healthy mix of both advanced as well as traditional media is important.

Do you think companies can reach and retain their consumer base potently by adopting the new and evolved form of IMC techniques?