The Definitive Guide to the World’s Leading MBA Programmes

COVID-19 has turned the daily world order upside down, and everything is changing now. The education system is being changed, and so does the propriety of programmes which were regular by students. 

But MBA had a spike in the enrolment of students as there are many online learning facilities that are made for the continuation of studies, and it can be done from home, what more students can ask. 

The world’s leading universities which are specifically famous for their MBA programs have started Online Learning which is expected to become the new way of teaching, and we have got you the definitive guide to the world’s leading MBA programmes. 

The U.S.- MBA programmes:

1) Harvard Business School:

Getting into Harvard Business School is a dream for many, and we have got exactly what you need to Crack Harvard.

  • Around 10,000 ambitious students apply for Harvard, and only 11% make their way into Harvard.
  • For starters, in your introductory article, it is crucial not to overplay the tale of overcoming tremendous obstacles that can be detrimental. The writing should also be concise and uncomplicated.
  • Do spend time your file which you are perusing and about to pursue and network with other students and Mentors for more insights.

There are other prominent points said by Harvard mentors themselves. Firstly, your writing or application must be special and connect with others and should not be just rich in subject wise.

Secondly, Mike Rivkin, who is an HBS graduate, shares that, you must have a good story to tell with the moral of a novel touch and the story must be told well. With a sound story narrated, the story or your essay must be authentic and should resonate with your application.

Take your own time and write your masterpiece and make it a descriptive, persuasive, and accurate description of your personal and professional accomplishments, aspirations, and desire and have some previous knowledge and work experience in the industry. 

2) Stanford Graduate school of Business:

Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) outperformed the 2019 Competitive Business-School Enrolments average, with an acceptance rate of just 6.1 per cent. We can say getting into Stanford is not that easy, and here are some ways to do it.

First of all, make sure to share a clear, cohesive, and convincing tale in the application — and do not rely on pretending to be what you believe the Admissions Committee needs.

The University’s Assistant Dean of MBA Admissions says that her staff is primarily searching for individuals who have embraced the initiative, supported others in their initiatives, and helped others evolve.

Like in Harvard’s case, have some prior work experience which makes your application stand out from the rest. Do showcase your unique leadership experience and how you have motivated others in their work or in general.

Have a deep look at Stanford’s GSB’s evaluation criteria as they are expecting students who can do more than assigned. Make sure the university sees how much you want to study on their campus. 

3) Columbia Business School:

Columbia Business School has its own criteria for the selection of MBA aspirants, and it might not be easy to crack. Here is how you can do it. 

As any other top university’s need, you need to showcase your leadership potential and the engagement with the fellow Columbian community.

The university does check the test score, but it is not all. Your attitude and leadership must excel out so that you can impact the lives of others, and this is what the university wants. Dedicate some time as the process of selection might take up to 3 months and you must stick with it patiently.

Do know the two types of financial support Columbia offers, which are based on your marks and stuff and the other is based on your income and tax payment criteria. They need students who can really impact by knowing themselves and what they can do efficiently. If you are one, you can go ahead and apply here. 

4) University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School:

This university has three main objectives that they look into while selecting the students. They are the Exceptional work part, Quantitative Marks (strong GMAT, GPA), and a strong Demonstration of leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.

Have a work Experience that can aid the Wharton MBA selection. Writer spell bounding stories as your essays have an optimum impact in the selected role. Do not check too much of online forums about the selection and believe yourself.

You must have known and suit as in cultural wise both in your interview and application. You must generally know about Pennsylvania to start off with. You must be specific in staying a business-School graduate and set your mind all into it. 

5) Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business:

The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University is regularly a significant graduate management program worldwide ranking 10 in U.S and 11th worldwide. 

Fuqua records of just 22 per cent of those who qualified for the 2021 batch. Allison Jamison, Fuqua Admissions Assistant Dean said, you cannot just get into the university by talking into mentors and knowing about the surroundings. You need more than that.

You will also want to illustrate the culture that involves contributing back to your community and demonstrate why you are ready to enter Fuqua which respects a shared and diverse environment where students are involved, optimistic yet compassionate, strong, and loyal.

European MBA programmes:

London Business School:

According to Poets & Quants, the London Business School (LBS) is the second international business school, and the worldwide curriculum specialist Quacquarelli Symonds has ranked No. 6, and three-quarters of the applications have been denied. 

The Admissions Director of the school explained that applicants must “want and require” a worldwide MBA, be willing to use its location to get a clear understanding of their career goals after the program.

The deadline of the application is the same amidst this COVID situation, even though you can submit your application Without a GMAT/GRE marks till you are available to take a test and now the applications are available virtually. 

Online MBA Programmes:

Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business:

Now you can get an MBA degree online while having your daily jobs and staying in your home. Tepper School of Business has been ranked at 3rd position for its online MBA course in the U.S by the U.S news as many graduates of Tepper have tipped that you must be curious, inclusive, and motivated and of course innovative to join Tepper. The application is all available virtual, and you can apply it without any delay. 

After going through the major University requirements and criteria you must have an amazing essay writing skill, you must have solid work experience and your leadership skills must speak for themselves, and there is no need to mention securing high CGPA. If you got all this within you, you could crack any University. All the Best. 

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Source – Business Insider.