The Corporate Happily-After of an MBA

Getting an MBA seems to top the minds of the youth today. You would find more and more people rushing to get an MBA in any specializations. Striving to get through top institutes and the best of specializations has just managed to get in the pace of competition to match your spirits.

The Massive Load of Entrances

When you are talking of MBA, the first thing that comes to your mind is the entrances that you will need to clear to even manage the admission to your desired college. Aptitude test is how most entrances begin with. You are supposed to sweat out on Maths, Data Interpretation and English language capabilities to announce your admission to an MBA college.

This beginning of the ride to being an MBA is indeed a tough call. A lot of people get rejected owing to low scores, and it is mainly because of the incapability of mentally calculating or interpreting within the time limit set. Once you are done with that, you enter the next stage. Being an MBA is like playing a game involving various stages. Only in this case you are sure of reaching the final stage. The second step is a group discussion where you need to make use of your knowledge, listening as well as communication skills. Once you clear the stage of group discussion, you enter personal interview where you are questioned to understand if you are eligible for the instituted, the degree and finally prepared for the stress that lies ahead of you.

The Instituted Life

The dream of living a corporate life begins here. Here is where you slowly begin preparing the world around you to battle out the stress and cope with the pressures of corporate life. MBA life is both flirty and stressful. While on one hand you get to have a lot of practical instances, you grow more while you are here, on the other hand you are stalled by the pressures that heavy books and assignments bring with it. Who said being an MBA was easy or who said that getting even with MBA was a smooth ride. You will soon see that you got to maintain your A’s to excel the institute and get placed.

Placement Fever

No MBA is ever free of the turmoil built up by placements. Who would not want a good company and a hefty salary at the end of the month? The corporate happily after is what most MBAs look forward to while going through the placement period. While top notch group companies used to top the minds of a corporate affair for most MBA students, today these people are ready to venture out and involve themselves with other companies as well. Very recently online portals like, etc. has invited a lot of MBAs to work with them who have happily complied. By offering these students positions in marketing and finance as well as advertising, these students are gaining a better learning as well as corporate module.

Most corporate affairs begin with minimal positions but gauge on to becoming major affairs that sometimes turn into permanent marriages too as it’s called in recent times.