Wherever you go whatever you do you have to sit in a court… “Public Relation Court” this name is apt….. what the amusing part is you not even know that a case has been filled and my dear! its you who gone be trilled….you just have ignorance by your side…. There court there judges there lawyer there witnesses and there judgement…..true saying “human brain has immense capabilities” after all the whole judicial system is being run by a 1 man army….Sadly! you don’t even have freedom of expression… you can’t utter a single word in your defence … there ideas or thoughts become lawyers …. they have your character certificate …

If they are able to prove you juvenile well and good! otherwise you are sentenced to be kept alone in a red alert zone … they having the highest danger around…..

In precise without any mercy or showing pity on you… you are sentenced to be HANGED TILL DEATH! you are just being left with your question which are never being answered …. not knowing that ” THE COURT IS ADJOURNED AND THE FILE IS CLOSED”