The Congress policy of division and corruption

LIKE the Mahatma Gandhi dreamed of British free India, J.P Narayan also dreamed of corrupted congress free India. Interestingly, Mahatma Gandhi after making India free in 1947 died in 1948 without seeing that his own people from congress are looting India. Similarly, J.P Narayan after toppling congress in 1977 died in 1979 without seeing that his own people are asking support from rival congress and merging with it. Further as the British had applied the diplomacy of “divide and rule” after freedom fighter started opposing British since 1857, Congress also has applied the same strategy of “divide and rule” after the end of single party (congress) rule since 1977. Like British, who one side supported some princely states to get their favor and other side annexed some states by making them weak, same way Congress also first divided opposition parties in two parts and used one of them at a time. As the British, who looted and sent goods and material to Britain, Congress has also looted the country and deposited black money to banks outside India. Last but not least, like Britain’s queen, who was the head of British India, today Gandhi family is the head of congress. Today nobody can dare and dream to become congress’s head. Let us do analysis how congress, in spite of doing corruption, managed to be in power?

Before 1977, Indian National Congress (INC) policy was to create different factions representing different ideologies inside it so that it could suppress opposition parties outside it. But due to increases in differences among them these factions fragmented and came out of parent party INC. hence some powerful factions: “Socialist party” of Jayprakash Narayan and RamManohar Lohia; “Sawatantra party” of C Rajgopalachari; “Bhartiya Kranti Dal” of Charan Singh; “congress (o)” of Morarji Desai; “Congress for democracy” of Jagjivan Ram and many more came out and formed alliance Janta Party. Thus first time, congress lost to Jnata Party in 1977. But Janta Party didn’t survive long. Unfortunately in 1979, they became dependent on congress for their support. Second time, Janta Dal alliance won in 1989. But in 1991, they again became dependent on congress to survive. Third time also in 1996-98, Janta Dal was dependent on congress. To make people believe that only congress can give stable government, congress every time withdrew its support in middle and never let them to complete their term. Later from 1999-2004 people, fed up with congress’s corruption and with Janta Dal’s instability, gave chance to Bhartiya Janta Party. Meanwhile, Janta Dal broke up in several regional parties.

Then in 2005 what miracle brought weak Congress in center? This miracle was nothing but United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Congress now again become power full as it was earlier because its separated factions came back to it and started supporting either being part of coalition or supporting it from outside. Many parties which were part of Janta Dal became part of UPA. Now many of its faction, who had come out, joined UPA as the coalition and external supporter. Current example is in Bihar where congress one side has supported Nitish Kumar’ JDU and other side has made alliance with Lalu Yadav’ RJD. In Tamilnadu it uses DMK and AIDMK alternatively. In Jharkhand currently it has allied with Sibbu Shoren’s JMM which was ally of BJP in previous government. In Jammu and Kashmir, it formed government some time with Mahbooba Mufti’ PDP and some time with Fahrukh Abdula’s National Conference. Mamta Banargi was with BJP in 2005 election but in 2009 election, she allied with congress. In Maharastra it has formed government with Sarad Pawar’ NCP. Logically, if you go in past you will observe that all the parties, of congress opponent like Charan Singh and V.P Singh, have been merged with congress. Now in this 2014 general election congress recently has announced that it will go with third front to stop communal forces. It means if congress doesn’t get majority it will ally with its faction groups.

In between many corruptions happened in UPA: coal scam; 2G spectrum scam, commonwealth game scam etc. In spite of these corruptions we are voting to congress. Now the question is who won the battle? It should be either innocent people or corrupted congress. But, the winner is congress isn’t? Congress knows how to use opposition parties by forcing them to support alliance. Some opposition parties support just for a ministry in center to make money and some support to get favor in pending cases against them. As a result, today people feel cheated and used. Suresh Kalmadi accused of commonwealth game scam got bail after 9 months of imprisonment; A. Raja accused of 2G scam got bail after 15 months imprisonment; accused of coal scam still have not been sent jail. If the punishment of thousand crores is just 9 months or 15 months imprisonment then everyone would like to do that. still there is not any strong rule or bill to deter them from doing corruption. BJP promising to give corruption free government has the people who are already corrupted. B.S yaddurapa and Bllary’s Reddy brothers are convicted of corruption; similarly, L.k Adwani and Murli Manohar Joshi are convicted of communal riot.

When Anna Hazare called people of India to fight against corruption, large number of people gave response and came on the street to protest against corruption. When result of 2013 Delhi election came out everyone got shocked. Three time chief minister Sheela Dixit lost to AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal. He showed India is going to change and become corruption free. Both Congress and BJP stopped AAP from passing Lokpal bill. Why did they stop? Did they fear to go jail? Are they corrupted? They will have to answer the people of India.