A Dream To Be Different- Part 1

Like every other child in the school, this guy too walked into the school,but he stood different from others. There may be many reasons cropping up in your mind and some of them may be he was ugly or he was the most good looking person in the school. But let me decipher the mystery before your imagination flies too high.It was his first day in school and he was wearing a colour dress instead of the regular school uniform. At the beginning he was happy being the odd one out but when everyone started pointing at him, laughing at him, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

He wanted to be like the common crowd but he was not knowing that one day he himself will wish to stand alone of the crowd, be someone different because the society admires the one who is different.

Every second, lakhs of new infants are born, billions of new dreams are being thought off, but does every person is known by the world.Does every desire gets fulfilled. The answer which your heart and mind will say you is an obvious ‘NO’. The one who finds respect from others, become an inspiration for others are very few and they are the one who do something different. Who work for their dreams and before working they see dreams and make them real.

So now let us move back to the child who wanted to be like the common crowd so that no one points him out and he decided to get the uniform on very first day after school.

In their prayer assembly area he found a guy in school uniform standing on a large podium in front of the whole school with a pedagogue on his one side and a group of girls with table and harmonium on the other. He was having that scintilla on his face and it was gleaming in sun. Suddenly he commanded something and for his surprise everyone followed. His every command was obeyed with full sincerity by every child.

Now it is very obvious what he must have thought of. Yes you are absolutely correct he wanted to know who that guy is. Why everyone is listening to him? Who gave him this authority to command everyone being a student? He was later enlightened by his friends about that guy. He was the school captain, the ‘Head Boy’ of the school. And the next immediate thought which struck his mind was not being the Head Boy but to be on the podium and let everyone notice him.

Being a sharp and fairly intelligent person he was noticed by many teachers on the first week itself, some noticed him on the very first day because of his dress but eventually he came into limelight by his excellence in some subjects like mathematics. That dream of him being on the stage was fulfilled after few months when one of his class teacher called him and asked him to read out the thought of the day for his house.This house is not the one in which he used to stay but the one in which the students of the school are bifurcated for co-curricular activities. He belonged to ‘Blue House’. And he lived his dream the next day reading the thought of the day on command of the same head boy.

He didn’t stopped dreaming there, because the moment a person thinks he has achieved what he wanted, the moment he become complacent he stops achieving. I know the ascetics would preach about being self-satisfied, which will bring happiness. I don’t deny this but according to me the moment you become self-satisfied your desires will die out and the zeal of achieving anything fades away. So if we want to excel we need to be greedy, greedy for more.

That passion of getting something more was there in him. He wanted that people listen to his command too. It would have taken time for him to be in that position as he was still in class 6 and the patience of waiting for 5 long years is not found in many of the anthropoids.

When you want something, you will find several ways to achieve it. An opportunity was seen by him on Wednesday morning, PT class. A combined class in which students from class 6 to class 8 were asked to retain their assembly position and do PT and again on the command of some fellows who belong to the same class. This time there were four or five students more along with a teacher on the stage who used to demonstrate how to do PT. He grasped all the exercises in couple of week and when asked for some nominations by the teacher to demonstrate he put his step forward having this in back of his mind that he will be bullied for this later on by his friends.

But he had one thing in his mind that to be different from others. He choose to follow his dream rather than being in the common crowd. He became the regular member of that group but used to stand in the third row of demonstrator. As he wanted to be the commander he tried doing the best so that he get selected by his teacher to take the apex position. For every success hard work is required. He moved gradually from the third line to the second then to the first and in a few weeks he became the second guy in command, the one who get a chance if the leader is absent. And finally after a year he became the leader of that session. So a dream of his got fulfilled after he got in command. He was happy that now people obey his voice, his commands. But still something was missing. What was that????