The D-Day is finally approaching and I’m sure all you aspirants are a nervous wreck at this time. You must have read the course material to the core and burnt the midnight oil in preparing for the same. Now it’s time to take a deep breath and some last minute tips.

This is just some advice from someone who has been in the same place last year as you all are right now. Only a few days are left for CAT entrance exam and most of you still think you’re not prepared. Let me tell you-you’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

Right now the most important thing is to not panic. Stay calm and gather your thoughts. Go through all the formulae and notes that you have made over the course of your preparation. Do not take any more mock tests, rather analyze your mocks and work on your mistakes whether silly or repetitive. Develop a time management strategy as you cannot attempt all the questions in the paper. Remember that you need to perform equally well in all the sections to clear the cut-offs. Know your strong and weak areas so that you can play by your strengths. Attempt your strongest area of a section first and leave the weak areas for the end. Practice mental calculations and speed. This is the right time for revisions and hence it would yield better results if you don’t pick up anything new. If you could not cover any topic, then don’t waste time learning it from the scratch and focus on the topics you have already covered to make them error free.

Additionally, do not carry anything except admit card and wear suitable shoes as they might probably ask you to remove your footwear.

Stay confident about yourself and the hard work you have put in all these months. Yes, you have been preparing intensively for MBA entrances but CAT is just one of the many exams you will be giving. Remember this is not the end of the world. You have a whole ocean of options to choose from and opportunities to grasp. I’m sure all your efforts will bear sweet fruits and you should believe that too.

Finally, all the best for your future and always give your best!

Isha Mathur
PGDM Core, 2018-20

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