Pathfinder Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell of K.J. Somaiya Institute of management studies and research organized its fourth TEDxGateway Campus Connect @ SIMSR and a total of 225 students attended the event. This initiative exposed students to inspirational ideas.

The speaker, Mr. Dharmendra Rai is a renowned Mind Map trainer. He has conducted over 130 Mind map seminars, which were endorsed by Tony Buzan (Mind map inventor and Nobel Prize nominee) and  is ranked first in the International creativity test organized by Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths, CEO, ThinkBuzan in Dubai. The event unfolded with a warm welcome to the speaker and a brief introduction about TEDxGateway Campus Connect.

He commenced the talk with the idea of simplicity in the product name, followed by the importance of effective anchoring. He also expounded upon the fact that products should never be given free as it erodes the brand image. Highlighting the importance of tapping the subconscious mind of the customer, he explained the concept of  Zygonic effect. This wonderful talk ended with the topic of stressing on the use of word “Because” and “Now”, as the triggers for selling. He spoke on the concept of Invisible Selling which included real-life examples from marketing strategies in corporate firms, entertainment, and literature.

The session was very interactive; audience asked loads of questions.  Overall it was a great learning experience for all the students present and SIMSR would always treasure his ideas, which were worth spreading.

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