TAPMI’s Roadmap to Transformational Leadership

LADC at TAPMI prepares students to be transformational leaders who can navigate organizations into an attractive future. Started in 2014, LADC believes that all students of TAPMI are meant to take up leadership positions in organizations. TAPMI is the only premium B school in Asia to have a dedicated centre for Transformational Leadership Development and Advisory. LADC has a dedicated team of well-trained faculty members and over 60 specially trained students from the Final Year. They help each student understand his or her leadership competencies and areas of betterment based on a number of proven psychometric tests. The insights are used to provide advice to the student on a one-on-one basis.  It is our passion to create effective leaders through a transformational experience that makes us unique.

For any queries regarding TAPMI’s PGDM-HR Program, please post it on the TAPMI PGDM-HR Admission Query Thread.