Expert Excerpt at LIBA#3: Campus to Corporate by Mr. Ramesh Shankar

The Beyond Management Initiative of Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai was proud to host Mr. S. Ramesh Shankar, Executive Vice President, South Asia Cluster and Country HR Head, Siemens India, on 8th August 2017 for an interactive session with the students on the topic “Campus to Corporate: An Holistic Approach .”

Mr. Shankar spoke on the changes one is likely to encounter while making the transition from a campus culture to a corporate world. He mentioned the fact that while some of the students may have already gone through this, as they possess some amount of work experience, others would find themselves entering a whole new world.

Mr. Shankar highlighted some of the key factors that one must take note of, factors that are typical of a corporate world, those that propel an individual towards achieving excellence. He mentioned how ambition and commitment drives people to scale the pinnacle of success while also throwing light on the importance of fostering both an individualistic as well as collectivist attitude while within an organization. Another very important point touched upon was the importance of staying in touch with our inner conscience, something many often fail to do in their professional lives.

Individuals making the switch from campus to corporate would also experience a gamut of emotions, Mr. Shankar pointed out, emotions that were not meant to be feared but enjoyed completely. There is a lot to look forward to in the corporate world and people need to make the most of these enriching experiences during the period of their association with any organization.

The session was followed by a Q&A session where Mr. Shankar answered queries put forward by members of the audience.