LIBA Internship Diary #1: Akshaya B’s Experience at Social Beat

My internship at Social Beat was one of the most fruitful experiences of my professional life. It was all the more enlightening owing to the fact that Social Beat is one of the top digital marketing agencies in India and has risen to great heights in the short span of just 5 years. I was able to gain immense understanding on the varied functions of a digital marketing agency. My learnings during these months were not just limited to the domain of digital marketing. I also had the good fortune to experience first-hand, the infectious energy and enthusiasm of a young and buzzing team.

Marketing is an art

Digital marketing was something I was seeing a lot of on the internet. Added along with my work experience in the IT industry, it was a space I always wanted to try my hand at. Therefore, the opportunity to intern at Social Beat was something that I grabbed with both my hands. During my short tenure there, I witnessed the huge importance given to brainstorming and innovation. It was a completely new experience for me. Fifty years’ worth of marketing debate notwithstanding, I realised that marketing is an art. According to me attributes such as creativity and changeability made it more of an art than science. Which is one of the thoughts I carried forward while deciding upon my specializations.

Choosing my specialization

When it comes to specializations LIBA believes in a more focused approach. Unlike other colleges, LIBA requires us to choose a particular stream for the second year of MBA because of this approach you not only step into placements with a clear understanding of the shape you want your career to take but it also lessens the pressure on you during the all-important placement week. It leaves you free to invest all your energy into choosing the right company as the stream you want to build your career in is already sorted.

Being a part of the student’s affairs committee of LIBA, organising festivities and creating a positive environment has always been a passion of mine. So, choosing HR as one of my specialization was a forgone conclusion. Now came the tougher part of choosing my second specialization as LIBA also allows you the luxury of a dual specialization.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics which is a buzzword oft heard in today’s business world was another stream that was tempting me. Having spent considerable time in the software industry I was comfortable enough with business analytics as a career choice, but what clinched the deal for me was LIBA’s collaboration with TCS. This association bridged an enormous gap between academics and industry and made sure that the course will be tailored keeping in mind academic considerations as well as professional requirements.

Getting to know about myself

I used to think of myself as someone who was a natural marketer. Very few get a second chance in their life to make a well-informed career choice. I, through my internship was one of the lucky few who got the opportunity to try out marketing without having to commit to it as a long-term career choice. During my short but very insightful internship experience, I came to realise that my ultimate aim should be to find that balance between loving what you do and being good at it.

In conclusion, my internship helped me gain insights into not only myself but also helped me gain clarity on my career choices.

Akshaya B

Batch 2016 – 18 |LIBA

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