Technical institutes have always been prime targets for mass recruiting MNCs. The EDcell in SVNIT aims at bucking the trend by organizing events aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship. The success of such events in last year’s Mindbend and Autofest technical festivals has emboldened them to take the next step and have a separate entrepreneurship festival.

Entru-meet ’07 is designed to equip the upcoming businessman with every skill he/she would need over the course of building a new firm. Spark- the business plan event will be the main draw of the festival with professionals from MICA Ahmedabad mentoring the winning proposals.

The Apprentice is inspired largely from the popular television show with which it shares its name. The participants will have to pass through several rounds each of which tests a different skill needed to be a smart entrepreneur.

Business Baazigar- the event for the street savvy businessman, was one of the major events last year and is expected to be one of the crowd pullers this time around.

Lock,Stock and Trade is an event catering to the new found love of Stock Trading in the youth. This game gives you the opportunity to gamble on the bourse without any real world risk, and many other events to promote entrepreneurship.

Entru-meet ’07 will also feature lectures and workshops with an emphasis on Social Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship. It is being conducted in association with the Entrepreneurship cells of such prestigious colleges as IIT Mumbai and MICA Ahmedabad and also with Global organizations like the Global Entrepreneurship Network( GEN), The Indus Entrepreneurs( TiE ),ASHOKA a global Non-Profit organization working towards Social Entrepreneurship.

MANTIS will conduct MyFirm Workshop. MANTIS is India’s only organization devoted solely to business management education through simulation games. They have already conducted their workshops in such institutes as IIT Mumbai, IIT Roorkee,IIT Delhi and FMS Delhi. There will also be a workshop on Innovation and Creativity in Entrepreneurship by ECell MICA. EDCell SVNIT has widened the scope of participation by inviting students from arts and commerce streams to take part in this festival.

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