Super 30 Founder Anand Kumar to Speak at Cambridge University, Check here for more detail

Super 30 Founder Anand Kumar

Mr Anand Kumar is a well-known mathematician and has been featured in many news stories over the years. But the recent Bollywood movie “Super 30” starring Hrithik Roashan has made And Kumar a household name in India. Recently, Anand Kumar has received an invitation from the Cambridge Union to speak at an event organised at the Cambridge University in England.

Cambridge Union is one of the world’s oldest and free-speech society known to host a number of notable speakers over the years. Interestingly, Anand Kumar had got an admission letter from Cambridge University during his studying days, but he was unable to go due to untimely death of his father and lack of money.

When asked about his reaction, Anand Kumar said that “It is a dream that has come true for me as I can get an opportunity to speak where I once so much wanted to study but could not go due to poor financial condition.” He further added that “It is a big thing for me. I recall my late father, who was so happy the day my admission letter from Cambridge had come and later he was crestfallen when he could not arrange money for it.

I feel the invitation from the Cambridge Union has come wrapped with his blessings.” The invitation received by Anand Kumar from Cambridge University came in the form of a letter which said that “ Your Super 30 programme has helped break the social and educational barriers in India while gaining worldwide attention for your selfless actions.”

Anand has received much acclaim and accolades for his unique initiative “Super 30.” Under this program, 30 students from the poorer and marginalised sections of the society are selected. These students then receive free coaching, boarding, and lodging facility while preparing for the entrance exams for admission into the reputed technology institute of India i.e. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Ever since its inception two decades ago, Super 30 has enabled hundreds of aspirants to get admission into the various courses offered at IIT.

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