Students with JEE advanced 2016 AIR spoilt for choice in branch, but not clear in preference

Toppers securing an AIR under 50
have set their eyes on CSE at IIT Bombay, but thousands of others are still
confused about their preferred choice. Their aim was to clear the JEE Advanced
and get into an IIT, and the choice of stream or a preferred IIT wasn’t really
a priority. Now that the results have been declared, and the joint seat
allocation process is about to be started, students have begun to feel the

It is taken for granted that the
toppers will head for CSE at IIT Bombay. Year after year, the top 50 rankers
have preferred to pursue this stream, except for a few who chose to study abroad,
or at IISc Bengaluru. What is common among the top 10 rankers of this year is
that all of them have set their eyes on CSE at IIT Bombay.

However, those with a lower rank
have flooded social media with questions about which branch they should choose,
and which IIT. “I wanted to pursue CSE at IIT Bombay, I had never thought of a
back-up option. Now that my rank is close to 8,500, IIT Bombay is a distant
dream, and I have no idea about the other engineering branches, or for that
matter, other IITs,” says Shrishti Mittal, from Mumbai. She isn’t the only one.
Given the increase in demand for branch counselling, students from across IITs have
started a facebook page, JEE counselling 2016-17 for this purpose. This way the
aspirants have a reliable source of information regarding the branches at the

One of the IITians who is a part
of the page, Abhinav S from IIT Kanpur says “We got into the IITs without much
of an idea about the branch we had selected, and because of this many of us opted
for branch changes in the next year. To avoid such a situation for the juniors
who will be joining the IITs, we decide to provide whatever knowledge and
experience we have through facebook.”

This group has had a huge influx
of suggestions from students seeking advice and options from IITians. Students
from an IIT that was started only from the 2016, IIT Tirupati, too have created
another facebook page exclusively, to help guide aspirants about ground
realities at IIT Tirupati.

Most students aimed for an IIT
and not for an engineering branch. This approach may have helped them clear the
JEE advanced, but it hasn’t given them a clear idea about their what their
chosen branch is all about.

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