“Parents supported me even when I fared badly,” says Gaurav Didwania AIR 9

PaGaLGuY brings to you excerpts
from another JEE Advanced 2016 topper about his triumphs and travails in JEE,
and life ahead

Gaurav Didwania in his own words…

“I enrolled for the Allen coaching classes at Jaipur, with the dream to
get in to IIT. That’s all I knew. I didn’t care so much about the branch stream
or being in the top ten ranks in the country. My parents enrolled me for coaching
classes when I was in standard 9, so I had good start.

My parents never forced me to study, or get good marks. I would
particularly fare badly in math, because I wouldn’t have time to finish my
paper, which is why my marks would go low. But that didn’t affect my parents so
much. They let me cope up with the studies on my own pace. This was the biggest
plus point. The lack of pressure from parents, and the immense support in the
company of my friends, helped me. After coaching classes, I would study only
for 2-3 hours, unlike other who spent 8-9 hours after the coaching was done.

The feeling of being a topper still hasn’t sunk in. I have been super
busy with meeting so many people, that I didn’t have time for a nice
celebration at home.

Ask him if now he has decided on
the stream he wishes to choose, and pat came the reply, CSE at IIT Bombay.

That’s where all the toppers go, and so will my friends. So it was the
obvious choice for me, after the results were declared.