Student Internship Diary: Aditya Bharadwaj at Smart Cube | LBSIM

Hi my name is Aditya Bharadwaj. I did my internship with Smart Cube. It’s located in sector 125 Noida. As I am a major in operations and minor in marketing. My project was on spend analytics. Spend analytics is how you take the data of client. In my case the data was of marketing activities. I can not disclose the name of the client but what I was supposed to do I have to take the data of marketing activities of the client also of the globe then categorise it, slice and dice it and come out with positive and work full insights for the organisation so that you can deliver it to the client. And enhance their insight and enhance their values based on that data, what I did in smart cube and what we do in the institute LBSIM, is that here we have a very confined environment. I am not saying it a bad environment or we don’t get enough exposure but when we go outside to a company we actually get a hands on experience on the reality of it. For eg we are given very constraint sample of the data and we are given you know very stratified sample or we actually do is randomise the data but in the organisation they have a very real life data and which actually pertains the customer in a very meaningful manner. Mine was a 10 weeks training. It was a very good experience. Because the institute of mine was helpful and my mentor was very good and I learned a lot. How LBSIM helped me in getting through with internship, first of all it helped in me time management because we were given a lot of projects. In each trimester we have 7 subjects and each subject we have approx. We have 2 to 3 projects including the major and minor ones. So what we do is we stay up late at night we work so hard it all becomes so fruitful in the organisation when you for an internship or to an organisation in the future because they help you manage your time efficiently. There are subjects like QMM or BC and these subjects help you throughout your life because those subjects do not fade away. So for eg in my case my topic or project was on analytics so in 1st trim we are taught QMM in which we are taught analytics regression we are taught descriptive and a lot of other stuff and what I did was took one particular subject and did it like anything and it was in 1st sub where I took the time and went beyond the subject and learnt a lot of QMM and in my interview, my interview lasted about 55 mins for the internship and in the interview I was talking about regression, I was talking about how sales are impacted by various factors. And one more thing logic matters a lot. They asked me about guesstimates and it is something that it can not be taught it comes by practice, but eventually it comes as a question then you have to make your own logics and at last I would say that English is very import and wish you all the very best for your internships and I hope you all get into good organisations, get good projects and these 2 months would matter a lot in you future and you would have to work in future and your whole life and these 2 months will suffice.