Student Internship Diary: Steffi John at SREI and BNP Paribas | LBSIM

Hi my name is Steffi John. I worked in SREI BNP Paribas in the HR department under the regional HR manager. In SREI I worked for the employee engagement initiative taken up by the organisation, the latest one being SREI Sampark. It is basically an online portal that connects all the SREI employees PAN India. I conducted a survey to study the current level of employee engagement in SREI through this act, and I also submitted a report named the antecedents of employee engagement under the guidance of Dr. Deepti Pathak. Apart from these my responsibilities included sourcing of candidate, preparation of dockets, lining up candidates for the interviews and on-boarding of candidates as well. I also prepared the rough salary sheets according to my knowledge that I have gained through the competition management courses in the institute.

The knowledge and skills that I have learned here at LBSIM have helped me immensely to work in the organisation. The problem-solving skills, the live projects I did here and the presentation skills which I equipped myself with helped me a lot in assisting my manager in day to day functions. The advice I want to give all the first-year students is to get an in-depth analysis and in depth understanding of all the concepts that have been taught in the classroom. Here as this would tremendously help you when you work in an organisation. To sum it up I would like to say that my internship experience was a very good experience and I got to learn a lot about myself and what all I need to learn for my final placements too.