Step by Step Process To Prepare For ATMA Exam

You can expect the difficulty level from moderate to difficult one. Barring few questions ATMA exam has moderate level comparing to CAT and XAT exams. Candidates are advised to prepare well for the exam in various sections. You need to understand the exam pattern and markings of each question in order to achieve results.

Analytical Reasoning Skill 30 30 minutes
Verbal Skills – I 30 30 minutes
Quantitative Skills – I 30 30 minutes
Analytical Reasoning Skills – II 30 30 minutes
Verbal Skills – II 30 30 minutes
Quantitative Skills – II 30 30 minutes
Total 180 3 hours


ATMA test is conducted in verbal, quantitative and analytical reasoning skills. There are total 180 questions with the duration of three hours. The exam included overall six sections with 30 minutes allotted for each section. There is negative marking. 25 which would be deducted for every wrong answer. Students need to prepare well and think twice before finalizing their answer, as negative marking can reduce their overall scores.

  1. Start with Schedule – Effective study schedule is the best guidance for candidates preparing for the exam in an organized manner. Stick to your schedule and divide the time on topics and weightage.
  2. Take an online Mock Test – Mock test are essential to understanding the flaws and positives of your preparation. It would also allow you to further improve your scores. On the official portal, you would find a Mock Test and use it for further preparation.
  3. Practice with previous year question papers – Previous year question papers would give your idea of the format along with a type of questions asked.
  4. Practice in a constructive manner – The overall test is based on three major subject that requires fair effort and practice. Start practicing from before and don’t wait for last moment. It is said to practice makes man perfect. Practicing would help you understand formulae for aptitude section.
  5. Verbal Section – Candidates must command over the English language they need to identify various Figures of Speech, idioms, synonyms, and antonyms with various grammar questions. Improve your language skill by referring to books and practice on comprehension skills, essay writing skills and many more.
  6. The habit of Reading – Stick to the habit of reading developing through Newspapers, English news, writing. It would let you understand vocabulary, sentence structure and many more.
  7. Improve Logical Ability – You can improve by analyzing situation deeply for 20 minutes or more by asking yourself and discovering Why, What, When, How, Where, etc.
  8. Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making – This section has various questions based on logical, analytical and critical reasoning. Ask WH questions to yourself when attempting for it. Students need to practice difficult reasoning puzzles from various books.
  9. Data Interpretation – This section involves bar graphs, line graphs, tables, pie charts, circle graphs. Practice for interpreting data by solving questions based on information provided.
  10. General Knowledge – Read newspapers, educational channels this will boost your general knowledge.
  11. Group Discussions – Practice group discussions with your fellow mates. Appropriate voice tone and techniques are important to get across. Practice in summarizing points and regular intervals.
  12. Join Coaching Classes– Coaching classes will ensure the students practice well throughout all the topics and even student queries can be solved from a professional mentor.
  13. Health – Ensure you have a balanced diet and good sleep time. For performing well in examination both body and mind need to work accurately at their maximum potential.

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