Start-up India Rocks! 2016 @BIMTECH Gr.Noida

On 4th October 2016, Scaale in partnership with BIMTECH organised the Noida Chapter of their Event “Start-up India Rocks! 2016 ”. The Event basically was about Start-ups pitching their ideas to investors. As a part of this there were a total of 19 Start-up entrepreneurs who pitched their ideas for various levels of funding and investment.

The event started at 10:00am with an introduction by Mr Mandar Gadkari, Director-India , Cross Border Angels & Investors. He talked about the event and its inception. He also mentioned about the timeline and modus operandi of the event. Ms Neha Valecha, Investment Manager, Cross Border Angels & Investors, gave an overview about series AtoZ. She also talked about how Scaale has helped start-ups in the past to make it big. Mr Amey D . Nargolkar, from VoxLaw, a Law firm then talked about the Legal aspects of an Organisation, stressing especially on the lot of things every start up misses out on. Most of these things are not those that the entrepreneurs are not aware about, but things that they leave out on. Later Mr Allen Sharma from Times Network, explained marketing in a completely different point of view. He talked all about What, Why, How, Where and When’s of Marketing. This session was followed by Mr Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi, Head Microsoft Innovation Center, who talked about the software and services tailor-made for Start-ups. He also talked about technological help that Microsoft provides to start-ups. Post Lunch, Start-ups pitched their ideas to a panel of 5 Judges, consisting of Mr Mandar Gadkari, Mr Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi, Mr Sahil Verma, Ms Sera Arora and Mr Sanjay Lodha. The five Judging panel had investment bankers who actually help investors invest into various start-ups. They also later talked about how the idea should be portrayed and what an investor is looking at. He also mentioned what makes a start-up a better deal and how the planning and operation should be carried out.

From our point of view, as a student the whole event was a huge experience and full of learning. It was very informational, enlightening as well as motivating for us, giving us the reasons to shape our own ideas in a more realistic way.

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