CSIR- CCMB to incubate medical startups in the newly launched iHub facility

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research- Centre for Celluar and Molecular Biology (CSIR- CCMB) has launched a new incubation centre for promoting medical startups in Hyderabad on Friday, October 7, 2016. The incubation centre has been named iHub and it will operate out of the Medical Biotechnology centre of CCMB. To promote innovation in the field of medical and agro-biotechnology, the iHub facility will have its own five storied building in the CCMB campus.

Talking to PaGaLGuY, the Director of CCMB Rakesh Mishra said that the facility will help developing ideas into reality. “We will help startups with necessary equipment and the intellectual guidance needed to develop their ideas. We are expecting to incorporate 12-15 startups at a time in this facility,” said Mishra.

CCMB is functional in the field of modern biology, and conducts research and training with the help of modern technologies in the inter-disciplinary areas of biology. With rise of startups in the country, this facility will provide a platform for the development of new startup ideas related to the medical field. The Director of CCMB is expecting a sizeable number of ideas from young and energetic entrepreneurs from the country.   

“Two medical startups have already started working out of the iHub facility and deliberation on quite a few other ideas are ongoing. We will select the startups based on their potential, and the impact they can have in the long run,” added Mishra.

After the launch of the Telangana Hub (T-Hub), as India’s largest incubator for startups on November 5, 2015, this will be the next innovation hub based in Hyderabad. Startups will be monitored and given inputs whenever needed from the concerned authority from time to time. “Though we will keep a tab on the progress of these startups, there will be no interference with their work,” concluded Mishra.