SP Jain Introduces the World’s first Borderless MBA program

The global coronavirus pandemic has created havoc in the education sector, exposing students with never-ending struggles. Restriction on public gathering and transportation has pushed universities and institutions to shut their doors to the students while shifting completely to virtual learning platforms.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, institutions like SP Jain School of Global Management (SPJSGM) has been working rigorously to mend the complications faced by their students.

In a recent update, the institution will be offering its notable Global MBA programme through diverse, flexible platforms. The global MBA programme will be offered to students through a unique ELO platform provided by SP Jain.

ELO is a unique platform which has been designed through a lab-style approach. The creative approach will enable students to experience unique features rather than just listening to regular online lectures.

Apart from the ELO approach, the tri-city model of SP Jain will be offered to students located in Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney. The tri-city model of learning aims at opening the pathway of international opportunities of employment for the students.

The institution has developed several platforms for eliminating hurdles targeted at the Global MBA programme. Some of the approaches and platforms are explained herewith.

  • The flexible Tri-city learning model 

The tri-city learning model has been developed as a great plan for providing employability opportunities to eminent students beyond the national boundaries. The option is great for students to wish to pursue a career in India. The institution has planned the flexible tri-city MBA learning programme through the following plan.

  • Term 1– The programme will be commenced at the Dubai campus of SP Jain.
  • Term 2– Post the completion of term 1, the students would be required to continue their learning at the Sydney campus of SP Jain
  • Term 3– For the final term, the students will be required to shift to the Mumbai campus of SP Jain  
  • Borderless Global MBA programme 

The borderless global MBA programme planned and offered by SP Jain is a key resource for students facing complications due to location hurdles. The model is a great venture for aspirants who wish to customise their curriculum for the MBA program.

The restriction on geographical boundaries cannot pose a hurdle for eminent candidates who wish to study management and business programmes offered by the notable SP Jain institution.

The programme has been planned to offer an exceptional experience to students with diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

The institution has planned to carry out the borderless Global MBA programme through the following ways:

  • Term 1– The first session will be conducted through online classes. The entire first term has been planned through virtual means only
  • Term 2– Post the completion of term 1, the candidates can join the Sydney campus of SP Jain for further MBA studies.
  • Term 3– In term 3, the candidates will be given two options to continue their further studies. Students will be given an option to either opt for Mumbai campus or the Singapore campus for further studies.

SP Jain Borderless Global MBA- weapon for students 

The Global MBA programme at SP Jain is a flexible approach at eliminating the regular online or offline learning experience and providing a unique learning experience to the enrolled students.

The authorities have been vanishing the boundaries of four walls while studying or gaining knowledge. The borderless global MBA programme at SP Jain has several advantages on students. Some of the advantages are mentioned herewith.

  1. No cultural boundaries while gaining knowledge- the students would be studying the MBA programme in a joint classroom set-up among student from eminent European institutions.
  2. Assistance of advance technology- The candidates would be able to learn through the assistance of superior technological means developed by the SP Jain institution. Some of these approaches include the ELO model.
  3. Speakers from top-notch universities– the students will be able to learn through the vision of some of the best speaker of notable companies and organisations.
  4. Exceptional opportunities– due to diverse cultural presence and experience, the candidates would be able to network and collaborate with people from with great minds and personalities. Peer-to-peer learning will be a holistic approach in giving rise to great ideas and approaches.
  5. Flexible Learning pathway– the candidates would be able to learn through a flexible option provided by the SP Jain institution. The 16-month Global MBA programme has been planned at different SP Jain campuses; however, the students also hold the option of continuing their entire studies at the Mumbai campus. The students opting for continuing their learning at the Mumbai campus of SP Jain would be entitled to an overall fee reduction by 35 per cent. Moreover, they would be forced to travel overseas for any of the activities.

SP Jain has provided a great shift to the regular online or offline learning experience for students. No other institution in Asia has ever adopted this approach for enabling a great learning platform for the MBA programme.

The ELO approach has been an out-of-the-box approach for opening the learning opportunities for the students. Therefore, geographical boundaries will no more be a barrier to the learning experience of students.

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