Growth Hacking is a term coined by marketing guru Sean Ellis, and it refers to a multi-step process used to create growth and increase sales for a company. As it turns out, though, growth hacking isn’t just for organizations. The concepts behind growth hacking can actually be very useful for career growth, too.

Below are 10 Growth Hacks to accelerate your career

Hack #1: Sense of Responsibility – Growth hackers come from a variety of backgrounds – engineering, IT, sales however the most important characteristic of a growth hacker is the ability to take responsibility for growth and an entrepreneurial drive (it’s risky taking that responsibility). B Schools across the world are on the lookout for such self-driven individuals. So if you have that figured out, at School of Inspired Leadership we provide you with the rest.

Hack #2: International Faculty – Education at SOIL is driven by its distinguished faculty who have taught and consulted across the world. We ensure that all learning happens through an engaging dialogue emerges through meaningful and collaborative conversations in class. About 30% of our faculty teaches at other international B schools across the globe. Many of our alumni have consult SOIL faculty to solve work place challenges.

Hack #3: Cutting Edge Curriculum – A carefully designed curriculum delivered through globally renowned faculty – academicians and industry practitioners. Dedicated academic centers of excellence in Marketing, Finance, Data Analytics & Human Resource Leadership provide great focus on research and deeper dives into various industry. Being a Harvard publishing partner, Soil uses the Harvard case study approach extensively in class. We continually update our curriculum to ensure that the learning is cutting edge. Courses like design thinking, business analytics, whole systems thinking have been very popular with our students to make them future ready.

Hack #4: International Exchange – To bring a global flavor to SOIL’s programs, students have an option to pursue a semester abroad with our partner schools in Italy, USA and Canada. Students have found this experience enjoyable and enriching.

Hack #5: 1 on 1 Mentoring – Every SOIL student is assigned two mentors- a senior industry leader and an internal faculty member, to seek guidance on academic, personal and career development. This program provides students the opportunity to build their network; and achieve your learning and career goals. The unique opportunity has translated into lifelong associations for many SOIL students.

Hack #6: Individual Learning Plan – A personalized learning plan is created by every student in consultation with their mentors, basis the student’s Caliper Profile and Behavioral Interview feedback to help maximize their learning potential. Caliper is a talent management company based out of Princeton USA that, for more than a half-century, has helped more than 28000 businesses with talent acquisition, leadership development, succession planning, and organizational change. It has helped in selecting the right people, developing the best talent and creating the organizational culture an organization needs to succeed. The learning plan based on caliper is reviewed on a monthly basis for sustained development throughout the learning year. Many students have experienced a transformational change in their leadership style after going through this program.

Hack #7: Internship – After completing the ‘Term 1 – Integrated Core’, students go for a one-month internship to various leading organizations across the country. This module helps them apply the core business knowledge which they acquire in term 1. In many cases this has resulted in a PPO (pre-placement offer).

Hack #8: Social Innovation Program – The Social Innovation Program aims to foster social responsibility in our future leaders. SOIL has a partner network of more than 30 NGOs. Through SIP students spend one day of their week with a partner NGO, helping them solve real-life social problems. These include making business plans for income generation, studying impact and developing ‘capacity’ to do more with less. These projects make students business ready leaders.

Hack #9: Career Week – SOIL’s career week provides personalized guidance to every student, equipping them with the right skills, tools and knowledge to identify and leverage key opportunities for them. Highlights of career services include: 1. One to one counselling 2. Mock-interviews and GD 3. Career Workshops 4. Personalized Resume Feedback. This gives students the necessary feeling of preparedness before placement interviews.

Hack #10: Self-Leadership – Under this program, students gain perspective on what it means to lead, to motivate others and to drive change. As a part of the self-leadership module conducted by top industry leaders, students identify their true calling through a self-drawn life-map with clearly defined goals. Additionally, annual Himalayan retreat, theatre values workshop, practice of morning circle and positive appreciations give students a once in lifetime diverse experience. The practice of Self Awareness, Wellness & Yoga helps students assimilate learnings. SOIL is a journey that prepares you for a life time of learning and leadership excellence.

Meet Our Growth Hackers

SOIL was co-created by a team of thoughtful business leaders and 32 companies with the aim to build Leaders with character, competence and enthusiasm.

We believe that businesses, in course of their routine operations can create social good, ecological balance, holistic development and healthy international relations if they choose to act in inspired ways.

Our learning methodology can inculcate inspired thinking and consequently inspired actions in the business leaders of the future who would contribute to the triple bottom line of social wellbeing, ecological sustainability and shareholder value as against current excessive focus on shareholder value. SOIL was created to fulfill this vision and hence is a “game changer” in higher education.

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