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Come September 2013 and the Common Management Admissions Test (CMAT) will be conducted abroad as well as in India. Additionally, candidates will be tested on a new component in the paper termed Emotional Intelligence.

Speaking exclusively to, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) chairman Dr SS Mantha said taking the exam overseas was always part of the plan. “To begin with, this September, we will take the exam to the SAARC nations. We have a ready market there in countries like Bangladesh and the Middle East. Africa is also a big market for us.”

Talks are already underway on the venues for the exams.

The AICTE chairman is clear that he is not looking at the US or European markets as of now. “Candidates from those countries are not those who would generally take CMAT. It will be a waste there.”

CMAT, from September 2013 onwards, will be available for NRIs, PIO and foreign nationals, who evince an interest in the type of colleges that are affiliated to AICTE.

It has not yet been decided whether both or only one of the CMAT exams in a year will be conducted abroad.

The fees for candidates from overseas will either be double the fees that Indians cough up (for a particular programme/course) or a minimum of Rs 2 lakhs. Additionally, all vacant seats will be all thrown open to candidates from overseas. “Instead of keeping seats vacant, might as well fill them up with those genuinely interested in studying,” said Mr Mantha.

Exam fees will be the same as that for domestic candidates.

With regards to Emotional Intelligence, Mr Mantha said that innovation, critical thinking as a subject is not being questioned in any competitive management entrance exam. “Managers of today have to be able to manage and react in different situations. While most exams primarily test for Quant abilities. Emotional Intelligence will help us evaluate the candidate on whether he or she has it in him to take decisions in all kinds of situations,” said Mr Mantha.

All changes will be applicable across the board to all management institutes that accept CMAT as the entrance exam.

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