We are excited to announce MISB Bocconi’s transformation to the newly minted SDA Bocconi Asia Center, the platform for SDA Bocconi in India and Asia at large. SDA Bocconi is the flagship business school at Universita Bocconi – a 115-year-old institution that is ranked #10 for Business and Economics (globally). The coveted business school recently earned the distinction of being #4 Worldwide in the Financial Times Rankings (2017) for Customised Executive Education. SDA Bocconi believes in “empowering lives through knowledge and imagination”.

The school of management based in Milan, Italy, inaugurated its presence in India in 2012 through MISB Bocconi catering mostly to the local Indian audience. As MISB completes six years, SDA Bocconi establishes it as SDA Bocconi’s pan-Asian hub, with a broader scope across India, the Middle East, China and the rest of Asia.

The SDA Bocconi Asia Center strives to create and disseminate innovative business knowledge to contribute to the overall development of individuals and organizations.

Pro-Active Learning Pedagogies in Post Graduate Programs

The newly appointed Dean, David Bardolet’s focus lies on the vision to create a unique ‘branded educational experiences”

SDA Bocconi is influenced from the Italian community’s expertise and excellence in design and branding as it works to builds corporate soft skills in individuals and share managerial practices across borders to empower the people connected to the SDA Bocconi Asia Center.

The flagship program for MBA aspirants is the International Master in Business (IMB)

IMB is an intensive academic program designed for freshers and young executives with a strong essence of corporate interaction. It is a specialized Master program fully equivalent to a postgraduate program that brings to India the expertise and the international standing of SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy. The program is built with a combination of solid theory, case-study methodology, international experiences and corporate exposure. It is specifically designed to create responsible, reliable, and effective business leaders.

It comprises two 11-month modules, which include a 4-month specialization semester spent at the Bocconi main campus in Milan, Italy in the second module. It is an intense experience that maximizes learning opportunities in a limited scope of time. It allows students to specialize while offering the experience, the international outlook and the multicultural environment essential for a successful career in a global economy. Upon completion of the program, participants are awarded a Diploma by SDA Bocconi in Italy.

The program is taught majorly by International Bocconi faculty. The complete integration of the alumni network of the former MISB and the new Asia center into SDA Bocconi’s network worldwide further enhances the internationalisation of network for the participants.

Focus on Learning and Growth In SDA Bocconi’s programs at the “Asia Hub”

The programs at the Asia Hub, use an amalgamation of both theory and practice-based approach to implement actionable learning. The programs are designed with competencies relevant to everyone from new hires to senior management.

The center’s objective is to integrate knowledge, research, teaching and training through industry’s relevant working models.

The Center’s focus on internationalization allows participants to learn and incorporate global leadership practices propagating various methods of helping corporations and small businesses to compete at the international platform.

Alessandro Giuliani, Managing Director for the Asia Center believes that this approach, combined with the understanding of cultural sensitivity would ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship and further booming of competitive brands, products and services.

Participants take full advantage of the mandatory hands-on experiences and activities organised by Career Development Services. Through an innovative mix of lectures, international experience, rich legacy, and industry connections, SDA Bocconi Asia Center aims to shape tomorrow’s top managers and entrepreneurs.

Moments of Glory for SDA Bocconi

  • Ranked 29th worldwide for its Global MBA program by Financial Times in 2018
  • Ranked #7 Worldwide in the Financial Times Rankings, 2018 for Customized Executive Education
  • Ranked #7 in Best International Business Schools 2017 (non-US MBA programs)
  • Ranked #1 for the preparation of its courses globally for Executive Education Programs.
  • Ranked #2 for the quality of teaching methods and materials globally for Executive Education Programs.

So, are you ready to see where a world-class education from Bocconi can take you?