Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims 2018

SBI PO Prelims consists of 3 sections – English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability. The following article discusses the types of questions asked in SBI PO Prelim 2018. All the shifts have been combined for a more holistic view of how candidates should prepare for every section. It is essential to be prepared for all types of questions, as one cannot predict the questions and level of difficulty for a particular shift.

English Language

The English Language section in the SBI 2018 Prelim consisted broadly of the following types of questions:

  1. Reading Comprehension

    RC is a text that the candidate is to read and answer questions about that determine how well the text has been understood. This year the comprehension topics asked were on Economic Theory, USA Recession and Business Houses in America & the lost faith in business due to scam.

  2. Cloze Test

    This is an exercise in which candidate is asked to supply words that have been removed from a passage as a test of their ability to comprehend text. This year one Cloze test type of question was asked from a text based on a survey of 18-35 years individuals which stated that it was difficult to buy or rent a flat for them.

  3. Synonym and Antonym

    a) What is the synonym of ‘shape’?
    b) What is the antonyms of ‘Strength’?
    c) What is the antonyms of ‘Neglect’?
    d) What is the synonym of ‘Blips’?

  4. Sentence Fillers

    a) The ________ of primary education is to _______ students future bright.
    A. Purpose, Bring
    B. Role, Make
    C. Importance, Building

  5. Phrase Replacement.

  6. Sentence Starters

  7. Sentence Rearrangement

  8. Connecting Sentences

  9. Match Sentences (New Type*)

Quantitative Aptitude

The topics asked in Quant section varied from shift to shift. Given below is a compilation of the broad topics and some examples of questions asked.

  1. Number Series

    The candidate is expected to complete the series or fill in the missing value from the series.
    (a) 200, 101, 102, 154, ?
    (b) 5000, 1000, 400, 320, ?
    (c) 163844, 9, 17, 35, ?
    (d) 1392, 15, 59, 117, 116, ?
    (e) 26, 138, 29, 142, 34, 148, ?
    (f) 2, 11, 53, 204, 624, ?
    (g) 4, 12, 22, 55, 110, 326, 375, ?
    (h) 400, 200, 210, 300, 600, 1500, 4500, ?
    (i) 4, 9, 17, 35, ?, 139
    (j) 2, 15, 59, 117, 116, ?

  2. Data Interpretation

    (a) One question was based on 2 pie charts & the no. of vehicles.
    (b) One was based on Sales & Expenses in a Bar Graph.
    (c) One Pie Chart & Bar Charts were asked based on Workers & Ratio
    (d) Sales Data of Cookies & Brownies.
    (e) Profit & Loss based DI: Item A sold at 25% profit and B at 25% loss. Cost Price of B is 20% more than A. Difference between the profit of A and loss of B is 13.05. Find Cost Price of A?
    (f) Tabular Graph was asked in Data Interpretation.

  3. Quantity Based

    (a) Two quantities were given. Students were asked to find the correct option after a suitable comparison.

  4. Approximation

    (a) Some topics were calculative.
    (b) BODMAS question based approximation.

  5. Speed, Time, Distance

    (a) Upstream + Downstream Speed= 45 Km/H.Downstream:Upstream=8:1. Then find the distance covered in 6 Hours Downstream.

  6. Mensuration

    (a) 16√2 is a diagonal of square then find the area of circle?

  7. Miscellaneous Questions

    Based on Profit & Lost, Percentage, Time & Work, Mixture, One Case Study Based question set was asked.

  8. Partnership

    (a) A & B invest some amount for 2yr & 3yr with rate 10% CI & 12% SI respectively. total profit from both is 19000 and interest from A is 1/8 of B total amount. Find A’s total amount invested earlier?

  9. Probability

    (a) Two unbiased dices are tossed simultaneously. What is the probability that the sum of the two outcomes is a factor of 20?

Reasoning Ability

  1. Puzzles

    (a) Month based Puzzle – There were 8 people named K, L, M, N, P, Q, R & S. Four months were given i.e February, April, June & August. P & Q were born on the same date. Q was born on the month of 31 days. R was in the centre with equal no. of people before & after him.
    (b) Box Based Puzzle
    (c) Floor Based Puzzle

  2. Seating Arrangement

    (a) Parallel Arrangement of people facing North South.
    (b) M is fifth to the left having 12 numbers, only one person is between M and one having 9 number, person having number 9 is third from left end, there are 4 persons between T and M, there were two persons between T and person having 9 Number, person having number 15 is fifth to the right of M, M is 13th from one of the two ends and two conditions were given about position of X.

  3. Data Sufficiency accounted for 5 marks.

  4. Mathematical Operations (MOT)/Sequential Operations (SOT) questions

  5. Alphabet Series

    (a) AF, DI, GL, JO, ?
    (b) Alphabet Series on Odd one out.

  6. Direction Sense

    (a) A man from point A walks south for 12m and reaches point B, then he takes left & walks for 7m and reaches point C & takes right & walks 8m & reaches point D. From D he takes left & walks for 6m and reaches point E. Point D is 7m East from a point M. Then what will be the difference between distances MB and ME?


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