Robbed !!!

I am lawyer who was hired by a thief accused of stealing a BMW car. There was a buzz around the hallowed galleries of my agency about my case and everyone believed that this case shall be the final tombstone on my already limping career. All the evidences were against my client and so I decided to file a guilty plea. But my client begged for mercy as he asserted that he was innocent. Police had already recovered BMW car parts from his house and then there were many witness .

Judgement day arrived and I was ready for a defeat; I had no arguments to counter the evidences. First they called an old lady and cross examined her statement. According to her earlier statement she had witnessed my client breaking into her neighbour’s garage. But then came the twist ,she said, in front of the judge, that she is not able to tell the court with 100% surety that my client was the guy she saw that night. One by one each witness turned from their respective previous statements. It was like a magic trick . Finally , the police presented their report which said that the parts found in my client’s garage had different part numbers from the BMW which was stolen .

In a span of an hour I won miraculously. As I was scratching my head and receiving the superficial congratulations from colleagues I heard my boss at agency calling me . He told me to meet him in his office immediately . I followed him and was prepared to receive applause but instead I found out that my client was not at all satisfied with my performance. He blamed me for not being able to defend his case against the police FIR and for losing custody of BMW car parts obtained from his house.

I was fired from my agency ; I thought that was anyway on the cards after my dismal performance. After few months I decided to work for the government and was assigned an old bench with lots of pending cases. As I was going through one particular high profile murder case ,I found that some guy was murdered in a BMW and that the car and the boy was never found. I rushed back to my flat and opened all the files I had on my last case. The date of robbery and murder was same and both the crimes took place inside a radius of 1 km. For a moment everything went blank in front of my eyes and then suddenly everything was so lucid. If anyone wants to hide the evidence of crime and register his presence elsewhere then there is nothing better than police evidence room and a mention in FIR itself. It all seemed too convoluted to have taken place with me so I called my ex-colleague at agency to ask about my last case. He replied “What case ???”. I laughed and cried like a mad man robbed of his rights…