GENERAL ELECTIONS : vote for a good change

2014 general elections are going to be the most intense elections in the history of india. the elections this time has a new party and two old parties battling each other. the UPA 1&2 has been the most corrupt government anyone has ever seen. so every people of india this time will be voting for a change. and the alternative seems to be the other corrupted party i.e. BJP. but there is one another party this time ,AAP,which has been formed only 7-8 months before. but only in this time they have pulled off a major upset in the delhi assembly elections by cornering the cong. govt. after 15 years. so for a change this time for the betterment of the people of india i think we should come forward and vote for the party that deserves to win and that can govern india to a better position. speaking of the bjp’s p.m candidate narendra modi he’s a good leader and has a governence power. as a chief minister of gujarat he’s brought development in the state but in 2002 riots he was the only one to be blamed in which many people died. the AAP has the capability if winning the elections and mr. arvind kejriwal is a very respectable person and most of all he’s a very clean speaking person. kejriwal and his AAP must be given a chance this time for a good change in the country because in nowadays every person is fedup with corrupt policies and the corrupt ministers. the prices are rising, extreme inequality between the rich and poor, increase in crimes day by day, and the misuse of power in every step of life. these are the worst conditions that a country and its people could face.


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