Business Lessons for the Sports Field

Business is an universal concept. For your business to thrive in this competitive world, you must need to survive and overcome the hurdles you face.

Sports isquite similar and with no exceptions. Branding, be it at a company level or at an individual level, depends on the tactics that you use to groom the image.

The team you work with plays the utmost role. A team is a group of individuals, some of them with leadership qualities. In a team like this, ‘I’ is that one syllable which may not hold much importance and is not indispensible as there are others who could take up that position. The same stands valid while playing an individual sport. A strong support structure is required to cover up for a person, like that in a car race.

To move toward the path of victory, you need to channel your energy in the right direction. You as well as the team require a driving force to keep going. One may have talent but a mentornurtures it with his/her experience. That is the difference between a successful businessman and potential businessman. So however confidant you are, it’s always great to have a mentor train you.

However, a mentor cannot straight shoot your career upwards all by himself. To avoid a fatal blow to your career it is vital that you learn from each experience.Ascertaining your goals, and acting upon them gradually helps you achieve your goals in a more realistic way.

Success may bring many accolades but a selfless purpose will keep you going. Concentrating on profits, challenge your skills but a motive will give you a reason to take on that challenge. For example, Andy Murray who donated his Aegon Championship winnings to cancer charities.

While all of the above can make for a very busy schedule, it will be helpful to appoint a deputy to take care of pre and post event formalities. Being a part of the big picture comes with responsibilities and as a prominent personality you will be obligated to live up to these expectations.

Winning a medal is more or less like winning a new business contract where you get to take credit and make a speech. The trick is to be the jack of all but the master of only one, because just like a football goal-keeper may know the game well but can’t be a striker and defender all at one time neither can you play all roles by yourself.