Review mix: Satyamev Jayte

From today, Aamir khan starred Satyamev Jayate has once again started a campaign against all the evils, biases and inequalities somewhere deep rooted in our society. The episode was focused on the inflammatory issue rape, naming which is per se a humiliating affair. To add on to the humiliation, there are several people who commit this most inhuman nay the mortal sin to tormenting others.

In the episode, we’ve seen many heart-rending revelations by the rape survivors themselves; we’ve seen the deficiencies in our legal system, medical system and the constitution.

The victim of rape and sexual assault is not tormented just once but again and again in the pursuit of justice. She is repeatedly broken and shattered down by the irresponsible doctors who try to evade the examination by threatening her psychologically and again by the unscrupulous lawyers’ baseless questionnaire in the court room in the public who are always ready to sell off their ‘inner-self’ and their values in exchange for some chunk of money. It’s really pathetic.

In the course, all the persons who bolster the pain augmentation of the rape survivor forget very often that if today it’s someone else then tomorrow it can be someone from their family as well (No offences intended). They must realize this fact that accidents never happen according to one’s stature in the society, they just happen with anyone.

Therefore, it’s an appeal and a request to everyone who is reading this article, though not well worded and rhetoric but surely with noble feelings and intentions, to please stop procrastinating and support the cause by signing the petition at which is to be sent out to the Prime minister, union home minister and the state home ministers suggesting the set ups of the one-stop crisis centers across the country (which are already in place in many countries to help the sufferers) which would certainly help rape survivors fight against the inhumans and boost their morale to start a new life rather than commit suicide miserably.

Besides, we must develop a deeper sense of respect, love and gratitude towards women who are the base of the existence of each one of us. So what if a woman is not our mother, sister , wife or a friend, she is still a woman. So what if she is a complete stranger to us, she is still a woman. She is the one who complements us throughout our life. Sometimes she scolds us as a loving mother, consoles us as a caring sister, supports us as an always-stand-by friend and at other times she gives us her complete self and becomes our better half to claim her share in our joys and pains.

In brief, She is wonderful. Respect her, stay blessed!

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