Movie Review: Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Shaadi Ke Side Effects” is supposed to tell you what happened when Sid and Trisha from the movie “Pyaar Ke Side Effects” got married, but what follows is really a disaster. “Pyaar Ke Side Effects” was hilarious and fresh while “Shaadi ke side effects”, also directed by Saket Chaudhary, is disappointing to say the least. It has a comic outlook but is by large a tragic count of what happens when you get married. This movie is so depressing that it should come with a disclaimer- No unmarried couple should watch this fictional yet Khani-Ghar-Ghar-ki-logic movie otherwise there won’t be a shaadi at all.

By now you must have guessed the name of its production house and yes, you are absolutely right. This marvel is brought to you by none other than the queen of household drama- Ekta Kapoor. Like all her previous flicks, this movie too is pointless and directionless at times. Normal human beings like you and I can never guess what the next scene is going to present. There are comic punches, emotional drama and an unwanted thrill, everything but sense.

Movie starts with background narration of happily married Sid (Farhan Akhtar) who enters a night club to meet a total stanger – Trisha (Vidya Balan). Suddenly out of nowhere Sid starts singing and show some moves on the dance floor; yeah, you get to see Farhan Akhtar dancing- how cool awful is that??? . Sid then orders his poison and by chance meets Trisha. After that I am really sorry but there is simply no story to tell. Coming to the music tracks, I would like to give a standing ovation to the creative team behind the entire scores as one really needs to work that hard to produce such kind of music. I have just one word for it – pathetic. Just look at the irony, Sid is a struggling music composer in this movie.

An extra coke and some pop corns might help you in surviving the 1st half of this marathon but only honest prayers can do the trick in the 2nd Half. Second half will introduce actors like Illa Arun and Vir Das but what’s the point to having this talented cast when the script is written by writers form Balaji Production House. Ram Kapoor plays a fat good natured married man as always and comes to rescue of Sid when needed. There are some laugh-out-loud moments but in the long run the movie is mostly depressing.

Farhan does well while playing a guy who got married just for love and is yet to decide about his future. We all know and acknowledge that fact that Vidya Balan is a talented actress but her character is an over kill for this movie. These two keep fighting over a very wide range of issues which results in chaos. This is where Saket Chaudhary fails completely; he tries to explore too many emotions that require 3000 daily soap episodes– there is a bike, a paying guest situation, a baby, an affair and what not. There is one dialogue when Sid says “Aise bhi koi mazak karta hain kya???” Well, I think he wanted to say “Aise bhi koi movie banata hain kya???” to Ekta Kapoor. All in all, you should give it a miss. It would be a better option to buy a DVD of “Pyaar Ke Side Effects” than to buy a ticket for its sequel- “Saadi Ke Side Effects“.

Rating: *1/2 out of 5