Rediscovering Myself at FLAME

It is often said that the best way to discover your hidden talents is by going on an adventurous journey all by yourself. I’m glad that I could experience this wonderful form of self-discovery. Spending 2 lively years at this institute helped me to explore new horizons and to learn and invest my time in learning a variety of subjects.

I remember the day when I attended my 1st lecture of the business program. Surrounded with unknown faces who looked as clueless as me, I did not know what to expect. As time passed by, this beautiful institute became my home away from home with my classmates and faculty as a close-knit family. From planning our daily activities to figuring out ways to encounter upcoming assignments and festivals, every little task proved to be a filter for our skills which refined every aspect finely.

The 1st year was filled with activities and projects to understand the core concepts of business. What made me happy about FLAME’s learning process was that it did not just happen inside the four walls of a classroom but outside it as well. Group discussions, guest lectures and workshops were a norm that conditioned us to be proactive throughout our journey.

The 2nd and final year of the course is something that I will never forget. From getting an opportunity to interact with industry experts speak to being able to deliver ideas and strategies that made me feel like an entrepreneur, I felt like a wave of confidence had enhanced my outlook towards the world. Participating in a plethora of college festivals and added programs such as the FLAME Investment Lab was a great platform to interact with other students and make friends who will be a part of my life always. After experiencing so many enlightening incidents within the serenity of this institute, it’s difficult to believe that the shy and confused girl with unclear goals was actually me 2 years ago. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, academically as well as personally.

The thrill of living independently combined with the fears and insecurities of leaving the comfort of our home; the fun of meeting, making new friends and the sadness of moving away from the old; the thought of discovering a different side of you and may be the real you. Personally, days at FLAME are definitely the most unforgettable ones of my life. My stint at this university has given me an edge and I’m confident to thrive in demanding current business environment.

Avantika Narayan


FLAME School Of Business

Flame School of Business