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This quiz consists of actual questions from
various Banking entrance exams held during the last few years. Leave your
answers/ responses in the comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the
correct answers!

1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and
so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group?

(1) Asia         (2) Australia          (3) Antarctica          (4) Africa        (5) Austria

2.  How many meaningful
English words can be formed with the letters LTSO using each letter only once
in each word?

(1) None         (2) One              (3) Two           (4) Three         (5) More than three

3. Kunal walked 10 m, towards the East, turned right and
walked another 15 m. He then turns left and walks 3 m. He finally takes a left
turn after walking 6 m.  Which direction
is he facing now?

(1) East         (2) North         (3) West           (4) South           (5) South-West

4. How many such digits are there in the number 928416375
each of which is as far away from the beginning in the number as when the
digits are arranged in descending order within the number ?

(1) None         (2) One               (3) Two            (4) Three       (5) More than three

5. What should come next in the following letter series?

c  b a a  c b a a b c b a a b c c b a a b c d c b a a

(1) a            (2) b             (3) c                 (4) d                (5) None of these

6. The following three words are alike in a certain manner
and so form a group. Which one of the five options belongs to the same group?
arc, radius, circumference

(1) diagonal

(2) cuboid

(3) diameter

(4) perimeter

(5) square

7. In a certain code if LOUD is written as JQSF then which
of  the following English words shall be
coded as PKQG ?

(1) RISE           (2) ROPE           (3) ROAD              (4) RICE            (5) ROLE

8. If all the vowels of the word ENIGMATIC are substituted
with the next letter of English alphabetical series, and each consonant is
substituted with the letter preceding it, which of the following would be the
sixth letter from the left?

(1) F           (2) B              (3) S               (4) L              (5) None of these

9. If it is possible to make only one meaningful word with
the fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth letters of the word RECREATION, which of
the following will be the third letter of that word? If no such word can be
made, give ‘X’ as your answer and if more than one such word can be formed give
‘Y’ as the answer.

(1) X           (2) Y              (3) T            (4) N           (5) R

10. If ‘A’
denotes ‘multiplied by’; ‘B’ denotes ‘added to’; ‘C’ denotes ‘subtracted from’
and ‘D’ denotes ‘divided by’, then

64 D 4 A 8
C 6 B 4 = ?

(1) 96           
(2) 2 (2/3)      (3) 130      (4) 126       (5) None of these

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1(5)        2(4)         3(2)        4(3)         5(2)             6(3)      
7(1)         8(2)         9(2)     10(4)

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