Ramblings of an IIM Aspirant

What will I be like in the next 32 hrs? This is the only question which is presently running through my mind.

Its 2 AM currently. With my C-day (better say C-hours) approaching in not more than 32 hours, i’m unable to figure out what to do in the next 24 hours. Off-course i’m not done with the revision, i’m very confident this time though, you will later know why!

This is my 3rd attempt (hopefully the last attempt). My first one was a debacle. I didn’t prepare at all for the exam though, just gave an attempt that time, so wasn’t sad enough. I’ve seen one of my friends entering IIMA with no preparation at all. Then i realized that no matter how much you prepare, ultimately its your performance in those 140 mins which gives you a good %ile.

For the 2nd attempt, my preparation was well planned. Everything was perfect, except that i didn’t write any mocks! So on my C-day I had a strategy to attempt all those questions which came my way, Never Give Up was my strategy that day(which is very bad when it comes to CAT). So i struggled with the difficult ones which were at the start and left the sitters which were at the end(Unlucky me!) and I got an okay %ile, but no calls as I couldn’t clear verbal cut off. That year I’ve seen one of my friends entering into IIMC.(Oh God! When will I?)

There were times when i used to watch Harsha Bhogle’s speeches at IIMA, Siddhart Malya’s at IIMB and many more inspirational speeches. I always pined for that type of life. Wondered whether I could ever write an article explaining the life@ IIM. Went through the life@B-Schools forum in PagalGuy. There were times when I even doubted whether I wasn’t cut out for an MBA.

This year I didn’t prepare anything for CAT. All I did was to write mocks and analyse them and now I can see the improvement clearly. The %iles in my mocks consistently increased from a very low to a very high! That made my confidence boost too.

I realized a fact very lately which is, MBA is not only offered by the IIMs,but also by many other B-Schools. For God’s sake all the CEOs are not from the IIMs, all it takes is to just prove ourselves.

All this has really boosted up my confidence. So this year I can proudly say that whether or not I get an admission into a B-School, whether or not I get an IIM call, I can surely say that I will get a good %ile this time.

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