My journey towards CAT started in a train 3years ago. I was a better student in x and xii as i was a home kid. but in engineering hostel life started.. it was too funny and have dreamed to join mnc even before my first classroom entrance in engineering. The first class was an introduction class and it went well. I forgot to mention that i came from a city to this engineering college in a mediocre village. and everyone asked me why so?? i have no words. its all my mom’s fault.she takes d ecisions of my life without consulting me. coming back to the introduction class i have seen a girl so pretty and i became mad. it took me 2weeks to speak to the girl because of seniors and ragging. she stayed in the girl’s hostel and i in the boy’s hostel.. our friendship started well thanks to the ragging. she was from a village background and she was very shy in nature. and my dream of becoming an software engineer started to demolish because i had no interest in studies..atlast first year was over and i failed in 4subjects..and she got 75%. and my head hung in shame. there was a quarrel between me and my mom. The second year started and i began to worry about those backlogs. she came to me and said that do not worry i would help u. then i said to her that if you arent in my life i would have easily passed with distinction..she scolded me and herself and said goodbye to me and my friendship. I deeply regretted and had send lot of sorry messages and made many calls but no use. one day she warned me that if i again try to talk with her she would complain to the principal. and that was the day i removed her from my life but couldn’t concentrate on studies.2nd half year was over cleared 3 subjects of first year and failed in 1subject of 2-1 sem. and time continued to roll on,she became friend for many of my classmates and i became jealous and thought that i must find a girl now. i said the same to my friend and he said that i am looking for an woman not for love. he asked me that if i can give 1500rs he will arrange me a virgin girl. i simply rejected it and said not at all. Then after a few months my journey towards CAT started . every problem in the Arunsharma’s book seemed like a giant , i was determined and as i have no interest in engineering i used to bring cat books to class and started to work on them.. so i have taken MAT exam for trial and scored 97percentile and i was in my last year. cleared all the subjects but could not reach 60%..and ended with 59.4%