Tata Institute of Social Sciences is one of the premier educational institutions of India. The students of the institute keep a close watch the various developments taking place in the country and make their opinion heard in a peaceful manner.One of the burning issues in the present times is the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill which has been introduced in the parliament by the Government of India.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill has introduced some exceptional provisions that grant citizenship rights for non-Muslim immigrants from neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Citizens of those countries who are facing persecution on religious grounds will be granted Indian citizenship.

Certain provisions of the bill are facing stiff resistance from the various sections of the society. The students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences also staged a protest march against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019.

The students of the International Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS) also joined the protest and raised the issue vociferously.

Students of both these institutions engaged other citizens of the country during their march and made them aware regarding the controversial elements of the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

The also requested the citizens to join the protests and take a stand against the bill, which is a direct attack on the foundation and the constitution of the country.

The students managed to register their protest effectively with the help of various placards that showcased messages as “CAB violates the basic spirit of Indian Constitution”, “Citizenship is not the pocket money of politicians”, “Reject CAB, Save India”, “The bill violates Article 14 of the constitution which guarantees right to equality.”

The northeast student’s forum at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences also rejected the Citizenship Amendment Bill outrightly and issued messages like “Save Indigenous Rights”, “Save Secular Citizenship” and several others to register their protests.

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