We at NIBM Pune have a lot of student driven committees and clubs. The various committees and clubs are:

  • INVESTMENT CLUB: I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the most recent of the initiatives of 1st year PGDM students. ‘VITTNIVESH‘- The Investment Club of NIBM. Vittnivesh is a dedicated student-driven asset management initiative with a corpus fund that invests in various asset classes with an objective to bring in respectable returns. The club has initiatives in place in a number of domains of finance specially investment and asset management. Through a number of initiatives such a social media posts, blogs, industry reports and stock picks. The club aims to inculcate financial discipline and investment acumen in the student community.
  • ALUMNI COMMITTEE: NIBM has a legacy in the field of banking and finance. It has been producing trained professionals in this field. This fact can be easily established with its strong and diversified alumni base. NIBM values it’s relation with the alumni and in order to develop this bond, it has constituted its own student run committee which goes by the name NIBM ALUMNI COMMITTEE. This committee has been additionally entrusted with the responsibility of organizing annual alumni meet named ‘ALUM MÈLANGE’ and to nurture this bond further, we have established an online alumni engagement platform named ‘VAAVE’ paving way for its own alumni social circle.
  • THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE AND STUDENT COUNCIL: The Admission Committee and Student’s council acts as an interface between the aspirants and the institute. It is the AdComm’s responsibility to facilitate the admission process, clear the skepticism of the aspirants by displaying strong conviction of the institute in creating effective and efficient bank managers. Being the student council as well, the Committee is also entrusted with the responsibility of addressing student’s grievances at the primary level by being the bridge between the students and the management. We address the common issues faced by the students in the college. We coordinate with other committees and ensure smooth functioning of student activities in the college. As part of admission committee, we address the grievances of the aspirants through social media forums like facebook, quora & pagalguy.
  • THE FEST COMMITTEE: Fest committee at NIBM aims at evolving the parlance of its diversified batch strength and unify in striving the institute’s motto “Perfection since Inception”. Collaborating the best opportunities for the holistic experience at the institute; Fest Committee organizes the two major events around the year: NIBM Colloquium; an academic conference of the theme relating to banking and finance industry which accommodates the best experts around the country at one platform to enrich and update knowledge. Adhikosh; the annual management fest of NIBM, providing a common platform to all management students across the country, to come together and compete, collaborate and explore a myriad of possibilities and experiences. The tagline for the event, “Innovate | Digitalize | Revive”. The fest presents the plethora of various competitions to give practical insight into the banking and finance industry to be judged by dignitaries; followed by guest sessions and panel discussions by industry experts.
  • THE CULTURAL COMMITTEE – “GOONJ”: GOONJ- The Cultural Committee of NIBM has successfully organized and celebrated the cultural events and festivals with immense joy and pleasure, giving a sigh of homeliness to all the students along with the Director, faculty, non-teaching staff of NIBM. With the start of the session the first festivals celebrated here was Janmashtmi followed by Garba night, Diwali and Christmas till the end of the year 2019. With start of 2020 many more events and festivals are in line to be celebrated with NIBM family.
  • THE SPORTS COMMITTEE – “UDAAN”: The primary focus of “UDAAN” the Sports Committee of NIBM is to act as an interface to both inter-college and intra-college sporting events. The Sports Committee has been instrumental in providing a platform to the students community to nurture their enthusiasm for sports. Our objective is to inculcate the traits of leadership, self-discipline, strong character and sportsmanship among its students while nurturing them to compete in dynamic business environment by organizing various sports events in cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, gymnasium, tennis and various other sport events. This year they organised events like Pandora’s box, Box cricket and our annual College Sports Fest JOSH 2.0
  • VITTARTH- THE FINANCE CLUB: Vittarth is the finance club of NIBM. The club members publish innovative infographics and crisp articles on Economics, Banking, Industry Analysis and Stock picks every week on LinkedIn. Vittarth’s page has the highest number of followers of this type among all B-Schools in India. The articles cover latest events in economy and finance space. All the contributions are completely done by students. Vittarth also organized an online event “De-crypter La finance” which saw participation from all the premier Business schools like IIM-Khozikode, JBIMS and the like.
  • THE LITERARY COMMITTE – “ALFAAZ”: The Literary Committee- Alfaaz, better known as the Litcomm is one of the nine Committees operational at NIBM. The quarterly newsletter “Vista” is the most important initiative taken up by the litcomm. Apart from that, the committee regularly conducts events like debates, elocutions and other literary events for the batches of PGDM. Another important task is reporting all the events that are conducted on the campus, ranging from guest lectures, cultural events to Golden jubilee celebrations, the committee has a proper record of all of it. In coordination with other Committees the litcomm strives to keep the insiders as well the outsiders aware of the happenings in NIBM.
  • THE MESS COMMITTEE: Mess Committee of NIBM is an intrinsic part of the institute which consists of about 18 members who prepare weekly menu for around 240 students besides some faculty, keep a check on the quality of food being served as well as address the grievances of the students. Also, a monthly feast is organised to break the monotony and tingle the taste buds.
  • THE MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS CELL: The Media and Public Relations Cell or Mediacomm as is it commonly known is one committee that is always there at all events, telling stories from NIBM. A committee with mix of junior and senior members has been the frontrunner in building up NIBM’s image. As a part of mediacomm students manage, and administrate the various social media handles of NIBM, in spirit with the institute’s culture of student driven activities and clubs. Apart from that the committee also undertakes all media related activities like producing videos, posters etc.
  • THE PLACEMENT COMMITTEE: Building corporate relations and campus placements are the primary responsibilities of this committee. It represents the PGDM batch on all matters related to placements. Identification of career opportunities and enabling students to enrich and prepare themselves for the placement processes and corporate world there in is all constituted under the purview of this committee. It works as a bridge between the students and the management by acting as a voice of the entire student community here at NIBM.

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  1. Placecom pls inform if bangalore based firms are hiring anybody from nibm pune or not... my decision is based on that as i dont want to stay in pune after pgdm.. btw cmat 99.81 work ex 4 years

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