a body between two stars:
When a body is shifted
from surface of one planet or a start to the surface of another, the direction
of gravitational field changes during motion from one to another. We need to be
careful about the null point between the two while transporting. Watch the
Illustration video below for analyzing such a case.

of a Double Start System:
  When two stars only under their mutual
gravitational force revolve around their common center of mass then such a
system is called ‘Double Star’ system. Watch the Illustration video below for
analysis on how to calculate the time period of revolution of a double start

of a body with a moving Satellite:
 When a satellite is revolving around a planet
and another moving body hits the satellite and stick to it than the resulting
velocity of the satellite after collision can be calculated by using law of
conservation of liner momentum and the resulting path of motion of satellite
around the planet changes. To analyze such a case watch the illustration video

Cosmic Velocity on Earth Surface:
We already
discussed first and second cosmic velocities of a projected body from Earth
surface. Third cosmic velocity is defined as the projection speed at which a
body when projected will leave the solar system and come out of the Sun’s gravity.
Watch the illustration video below to understand the same.

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