PGP 2020: Call for Interview IIM Bangalore

Post Graduate Programming in Management (PGP) is an admission process developed internally by IIMB or Indian Institute of Management Bangalore that selects the best of students who are bright, promising and deserving for the said admission process.

This process selects candidates on the basis of combined data obtained from the Combined Admission Test (CAT) participants and also the performance in academics of the students of PGP in IIMB. So the process is a sum of the CAT score, their academic performance in records, their admission interview performance and also a note of work experience.

The selection procedure undergoes refinement and review each year and whenever it is a mandate to be reviewed. At the beginning of each academic year, the new criterion is set by the admission committee. Candidates are chosen wisely from each social group for abundant representation and to meet the requirement of reservation.

The selection to PGP takes place in two phases. Candidates are first shortlisted on the basis of their score in CAT where they have cleared all the sections of the examination and have obtained a positive raw score definitely greater than zero.

The CAT score is a license to the first shortlist published. Then, a calculation of 10th and 12th board examinations of the CAT applicants for identifying a 90 percentile score. This is again followed by   considering the graduation marks obtained by the concerned candidate and incomplete scores are only considered when the final score is still pending.

Candidates have to be very careful in presenting their information as misinformation cannot be corrected and reconsidered.

The shortlisted candidates can only be considered for Personal Interview if they have qualified the rounds of WAT or Written Ability Test, the work experience so far earned the scores of CAT and board examinations, gender diversity and then each interviewee will be tested on abilities and skills only if they are exceptionally good in these factors.

The call for an interview is received only when a candidate is persistently great in his or her academic scores and not just CAT scores. The pre-PI stage record matters a lot and the bright applicants can easily replace those who have just scored  well in CAT but have performed relatively poorly in the other fields including board examinations.

While the WAT scores are given on an independent evaluation, the PI highly depends on the score evaluated by the interviewers from the multi-factor score, multiplied with that of the work experience score.

So the final score will be a cumulative sum of the following scores : the WAT score which carries a weight of 10 plus the PI score that has a weight of 30 will be added  to the CAT score (weight of 25), the 10th board score(weight of 10), the 12th board score(weight 5), Graduation score(weight of 10) and work experience score (weight of 10).

The reason  why Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has provided so many parameters in its selection criteria for Post Graduation Programme in Management is because it has gained its reputation for consisting of students who have been consistently excellent in their academics and emphasizes those who have ambitions and great records of achievement both in academics as well as weighted work experience.